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Welcome to Crazy for Kitties and Cats!

Kitty Stars of the Week

Our stars this week are 2 kitties who live in Canada, and their names are Maya and Marvin:

Maya and Marvin

Their person-mom writes,

"Marvin is the one with the blue collar, and Maya is the one posing so pretty for the picture. They are both really sweet cats. Both of them are indoor cats, so they are very family oriented. They love a roaring fire and they are quite frankly...lazy...LOL... They sleep with whomever has the coziest bed at the time and have no problems snuggling in. Now and again, you'll catch them play-fighting and running up a storm from one end of the house to the other. And believe me, elastics are not safe...they'll find them."

[Editor: Maya and Marvin's mom is right to be careful of elastics (rubberbands or stretch strings). It can be a serious medical problem if your cat eats one. If your cat does swallow one, don't try to get it out yourself. Take your cat to the vet immediately and explain what has happened.]



Enjoy all the Previous Stars of the Week.

And ... Would you like your kitty to be the Star of the Week? Don't be shy... contact us, and email your cat's picture and bio today.
Drop by to see next week's star -- bookmark this site by pressing Ctrl-D.

From the Crazy for Kitties mailbox: One of the casting directors for Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell" is looking for more people (4th season) who have cats with behavioral issues. The show features cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy, who has helped many cats and their people -- maybe he can help your cat or the cat of someone you know. If you live in the Los Angeles area and have a crazy cat, contact the show -- check out the casting information page at My Cat from Hell. Maybe your cat has that devilish star quality!

Dear CatsCrazy Cat Stories... because every cat has a story!
Dear Cats, an open letter to the cat mob...[More...]

Baby, who is a frequent guest, likes to sleep on her back -- and snore. See the video.

HamboneCrazy Cat Stories... because every cat has a story!
Hambone finds a home....[More...]

Notice to visitors: Unfortunately, spammers steal/spoof email addresses and use them send out all kinds of junk. These emails are NOT authorized by crazyforkitties and we do not send them.

Baby (the cat) and Tink (the dog) have an interesting relationship...

Tink biting
Tink tries fierce

Tink innocent
Tink tries innocence

Tink open mouth
Tink thinks maybe another bite attempt...

Tink biting too
Tink tries bite action number two

Tink snuggling; Baby face
Tink tries nice -- Baby is not impressed

Baby and Tink closeup
Aren't we just the cutest? Baby bides her time...

Baby swats at Tink
Baby makes her move!

Tink eyes Baby
Tink says, "Hey!"

Friends again -- sort of
Friends again -- sort of

A visit from Lulu (July 2001):

cat picture

new T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for Cat Lovers

Cat Person Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Cat Person Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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More shirts here...

Plus some cat-themed stickers, ornaments, and keepsake boxes

Cat Posters!
We've separated out the cat themed items here and have organized them into some different price categories. About 400 are priced under 10 dollars (be patient for that page to download!). And around 500 are between $10-$25. Magnets, notecards, art prints and other goodies are available, too. Whimsical and funny, cute and cuddly, realistic and photographic -- something for everyone! Great gifts for you cat-loving friends and relatives.

Afternoon Nap
Title: Afternoon Nap
Artist: Lisa V. Keaney
Type: Art Print
Size: 27.538 x 19.67 (inches)
Price: $19.99
Una Famiglia Felice
Title: Una Famiglia Felice
Artist: Rosina Wachtmeister
Type: Art Print
Size: 11.82 x 9.45 (inches)
Price: $8.99
Help I Can't Swim
Title: Help I Can't Swim
Type: Art Print
Size: 15.748 x 11.811 (inches)
Price: $12.99

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A visit from Cookie (March 2003):

cat picture
I just moved in

Some cat facts...

  • Neutered male cats normally live 2 years longer than non-fixed males.
  • The nutritional need of cats depends upon their age, size and activity level. But on average, the adult cat needs about 30 calories per pound. An 8 pound cat needs about 240 calories/day.
  • "Cat" in Yupik (an Eskimo language) is "kuskaq."
  • Green eyes are the preferred color for the Havana Brown.
  • "Cat Fancy" is a term that refers to pedigree cats and their breeding, and to cat clubs and societies.
  • "Cat" in German is "Katze."
  • Cats will claw things with their front claws -- this is called stropping.
  • "Genotype" is the onstitution of an animal as described by its genes rather than its appearance.

SaschaCrazy Cat Stories... because every cat has a story!
The Newton Street Cat in Residence...[More...]

The Daily Cat: Your guide to caring for, understanding and loving your cat! Check it out!

Parts of a boat named for a cat: cat back, cat beam, cat boat, catfall, catharpin, cathead, cathole, cat hook, cat rig, and catwalk.

Vote for your favorite Cat Name!


Crazy for Kitties
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  Feeling lucky? Try our Cat Slots Game...

Give your memory and concentration a workout by playing our

Kitty Concentration Game!

How many English words do you know that have the word cat in them? (How many do other people know?) Find out and play How Many Words?!

Want to shop online? Check out these online shopping tips.

Flying Black Cats, Jack O'Lanterns
Title: Flying Black Cats, Jack O'Lanterns
Type: Art Print
Size: 18 x 12.5 (inches)
Price: $19.99
Domestic Cat, British Shorthair Red Tabby Female
Title: Domestic Cat, British Shorthair Red Tabby Female
Artist: Jane Burton
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Size: 12 x 9 (inches)
Price: $24.99
The Cat
Title: The Cat
Artist: Rabi Khan
Type: Photographic Print
Size: 16 x 20 (inches)
Price: $23.99
Domestic Cat, 7-Week Usual Abyssinian Kitten
Title: Domestic Cat, 7-Week Usual Abyssinian Kitten
Artist: Jane Burton
Type: Photographic Print
Size: 9 x 12 (inches)
Price: $24.99
Step by Step
Title: Step by Step
Artist: John Charbonneau
Type: Art Print
Size: 19.5 x 27 (inches)
Price: $27.99
Domestic Cat, Blue and Lilac Tonkinese Kittens Sitting
Title: Domestic Cat, Blue and Lilac Tonkinese Kittens Sitting
Artist: Jane Burton
Type: Photographic Print
Size: 12 x 9 (inches)
Price: $24.99

Lots more posters and prints here!

The friend you've been waiting for is at your local animal shelter. No more homeless pets! Adopt a shelter pet. Get started by visiting

Please consider donating to help animals (and their humans) affected by recent disasters. There are many good organizations, but here are two:

ASPCA -- 866-275-3925
Humane Society of the United States -- 888-259-5431

What is "TNR"? It stands for "trap-neuter-return" and is a humane way to control feral (wild) cat populations. Alley Cat Allies is an organization that promotes TNR. For more information, visit their website.

Animal Poison Control 24-hour hotline: 1-800-548-2423

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