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Kitty Stars of the Week for September 18 - 24, 2005

Our kitties this week are Sasha and her sisters Baby and Sweetpea.

Baby, Sasha, Sweetpea

Their mom says,

"At first, I really didn't want to take Precious -- who we renamed Sasha -- when we decided to take her. I had no experience and was not sure how I would take care of a Manx cat with a birth defect like spina-bifida. They can have bowel and urinary problems as well as trouble walking. It was sad to watch her walk -- she crawled instead, dragging her back legs. Our next door neighbor held her up to me when Sasha was a kitten asking, "Please take her. Would you please take her? I know she will do well with you." I reluctantly took Sasha to show her to my husband as he would have the last say and decline taking her. To my surprise he took one look at her and fell in love with her; so, from that day on, we loved Sasha. We have two other half-sisters of hers from two other litters that are Manx kitties too. I had to make a special litter box for Sasha as she couldn't have a steep side to the box because she would have trouble dragging her back legs over to go potty. At least she did go potty, and she was very lucky to have no bowel or urinary problems. I took her to the vet at six months to get fixed as I knew not getting her fixed with a birth defect would have been a death sentence to her.

"Sasha makes us laugh by the way she sits and poses, making herself look like a contortionist. She walks as if she has no hips, and instead of dragging her back legs, she can walk now. Strangely, she can run very very fast if she hops like a bunny rabbit. To herself, she has no handicap. Her little kitty heart is filled with love and friendliness, and everybody that comes into the house is greeted by her. She even likes to get up on the couch behind where people are sitting and groom their hair for them, which leaves people in hysterics and highly amused at her willingness to change their hairstyles. She has beautiful soft blue eyes and a wonderful soft double coat of fur. We think that she may have some Siamese genetics as she is quite the talker, and her color and markings and blue eyes remind us strongly of Siamese traits. She is wonderful company, sleeping faithfully besides me every night. She loves to play chase and hide and go seek, and she mainly plays with her younger sister Sweetpea, our calico round eyed rumpy Manx. I do have to take her to the vets every so often for an allergy shot as she likes to pull hair out of her rear end leaving a bald spot that looks funny. A while back a couple months ago she accidentally got outside and was missing for six days, and I was very sad and worried for her. I put her picture up everywhere and prayed and even contacted the vets in town because if somebody got her, they might not know it is a birth defect and may think that she was injured and may take her to the doctors to have her checked, so I put her picture in there too. I walked up and down the streets close to home calling her name, thinking that I would see her pop out somewhere and run towards me and come home. Instead, one morning at 8 a.m. my husband opened the front door to go to work and suddenly a blur zipped on past him through the front door yowling at the top of her voice. We don't know where she was, but at last she was home safe and sound and unhurt. We thought that maybe she had gotten inside somebody's garage and was shut in or somebody tried to keep her but she got away. She is so pretty and cute and friendly that even with the birth defect, she is a very appealing cat to own. She is our little child kitty that we love dearly.


"This is Sasha's sister-kitty, Baby. Baby used to mother Sasha like she was her baby and even allow her to nurse off her!

Baby and Sasha

"Here is a peek at Baby pretending to nurse her sissy Sasha. We finally had to put our foot down and make her quit because it just got a bit too ridiculous as she was getting so big, still wanting to nurse off her sissy. Baby would have let her too. Baby would have made a beautiful mommy if I hadn't got her fixed. I understand her frustration in wanting to be a mommy and nursing her sissy.

Sasha is the baby!

"I also tell the vet not to say the word, "obese" in front of Baby. It can damage her self-esteem. I tell the vet to say that she is "full-figured and, or, vuloptuous"! Baby is a really big cat and her father had to have been huge. I do watch her weight and have to take the food dish away at times. Sweetpea gets her so upset at times that she likes to use food as a comfort to calm her nerves! I have told her that even though she is full-figured, mommy loves her and she should not eat so much and depend on food for comfort!

Baby relaxing

"I got Sweetpea rather early in her kitty life because her Manx mommy was so wore out from having litters all the time, she didn't have interest in feeding them, and I just loved Sweetpea as soon as I saw her and took her. [Comment from Editor: Please always get your cats spayed (for females) or neutered (males). As you can see, it's not good for a cat to have so many kittens!] I fed her with a dropper and even took her to bed with me at night and she slept by the top right by my pillow. I even was her mommy in potty training her in the litter pan. That took a bit of patience on my part. I made it a habit to take her straight to the litter pan as soon as I got up in the morning. When she went to solids I was very concerned because she kept nothing down and vomited. It was terrible her cry of pain to let me know she was going to throw everything back up. The vet said that she lacked enzymes to digest her food right and even giving her the yogurt the vet suggested, did not work. I kept her away from the other cat food and started feeding her in short intervals in small doses of food. I used to nearly cry with her when she would cry out in pain her belly hurt so badly, and I could feel it cramping hard when I would be holding her. I would look into her sweet little eyes and tell her that I loved her. She grew out of it by the time she was six months old, thank God!

Sweetpea has no problems eating now

"My husband says that she is devoted to me and she follows me all over the house and even plays fetch and is a natural at the game. All I have to say is, "Do you want to play toys"? She answers me with a big meow and follows me to get the toy to toss for her to bring me. She is a one person cat and only approves of me and just tolerates others. She and Sasha are close, and she loves to annoy and torment her big sissy Baby. Baby is 18 pounds and can give her a good swat as if to correct her misbehavior and put her in her place but that only encourages Sweetpea to continue the game. She will put her ears back and down and walk sideways, circling around Baby, just waiting for the right moment to pounce on her. Baby will give stare at her with a stern gaze and growl very low. That excites Sweetpea all the more to play. Sweetpea loves to ride everywhere on my shoulder. Even though she is an indoor kitty, I take her for walks outside on my shoulder. She even knows what I mean when I ask her, "Do you want to go for a walk?"

Sweetpea fetching

More fun pictures of Sasha and Sweetpea and Baby:

calico cat
Sweetpea looking so cute

Sasha: "I'm too sexy for my collar"

cat jumping
Sweetpea: Superfly cat!

snoozing cat
Baby napping in one of her favorite places

cat and doll
Baby wearing her Christmas collar

cat and dolls
Baby and friends

cat with glasses licking nose
Sasha chilling, licking her nose

cat smiling
Sweetpea smiling for the camera

cat on rocking horse
Sasha -- ride'em cowkitty!

cat in cat bed
It's MY bed now
(Baby doesn't even like this catbed, except when her sister kitty, Melah, wants it.)
(Melah was Kitty of the Week on March 19, 2006)

cat talking
I'm Sasha!

cat with butterfly
Sasha -- Sleepy Girl with Butterfly

Here Baby is, posing as an Oriental princess:

cat with headdress
Baby as a Princess

Sasha and Sweetpea often wear lovely clothes and accessories...

Sasha in plaid
Sasha in plaid

Sweetpea with fancy collar
Sweetpea in her fancy collar

Sweetpea and Sasha wish everyone a Happy Easter:

cat with bunny ears
Sweetpea is the Easter Bunny

sasha in basket
Spring Kitty

Who is this kitty in disguise?

cat in disguise
It's Baby! (a very tolerant kitty!)

Baby, looking glamorous:

cat with boa
I am The Star

Baby enjoying the new rug -- or is it staking out her new territory?

cat on rug

Hunny Bunny has been accepted by her feline "sisters":

cat grooming rabbit
Baby grooming Hunny

cat and bunny
Sweetpea and Hunny chase up and down the hall... Now they're relaxing after a romp

cat and bunny in house
Hunny exiting while Sasha stays inside

Baby hanging out with Hunny Bunny and a little "friend":

cat and rabbit
All Together

Christmas 2007:

cat in antlers
Wake me when Santa gets here

Sasha wearing her Christmas Pirate outfit:

Cat in plaid
It suits me!

Sweetpea has a new fleecy jacket:

cat in fleecy jacket
I can keep warm now!

Sweetpea looking cute:

cat on chair
Peeping Kitty

Hunny Bunny lives in a house with many kitties. HB recently had to have some veterinary care, and needs to stay in her cage for awhile. Her friend, Baby, has been staying close to the cage and keeping her company.

cat and rabbit
Baby on nurse duty

Sasha is showing off her new shirt while sitting on one of her favorite spots:

cat in shirt
I look marvelous and I love my daddy

More fun...

cat grooming
Tastes like chicken!

cat tummy
Baby posing and exposing

cat in outfit
Sasha looks cute in her new outfit

cat and doll
Sweetpea asks... why is this doll sitting on me?! I'm not a horse!

An update:

"Baby just loves her jewelry. This is her new necklace."

cat necklace

"But she hates red hats!! This is a bonnet and she is letting me know and showing me the "dainty" way of taking it off!!"

cat in hat

We've got a return visit from Sasha and Sweetpea. They are hanging out on their sofa, a thankfully familiar piece of furniture after their move.

sasha and sweetpea on sofa

During the move, however, Sweetpea wasn't too sure about what was going on.

sweetpea under chair
I'm curious but feel safer under here

Settled in after the move...

Sasha modeling her new sweater

Baby is not 100% sure about the baby chick

More pictures from 2011:

kitty tummy
My name is Baby -- rub my tummy!

tortoiseshell cat
And I'm Sweetpea -- I'm a very pretty girl

cat and dog
We're Sasha and Tink -- Tink is the newest one of the group

cats on refridgerator
We're Sasha and Sweetpea (on top of the refridgerator)

cat leaning in
Sweetpea wonders what you have

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