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Kitty Star of the Week for November 5 - 11, 2006.

Our kitty of the week is Love Muffin. Love Muffin recently was one of 5 kitties. Unfortunately, her humans had to find new homes for all their cats -- for some reason in their part of Alaska, they couldn't find any place that rented that would allow cats. So new homes were found for the cats.

cat closeup
Love Muffin

Love Muffin's new mom and dad are thrilled to have her. Her new mom says, "She is settled in finally and being a happy girl finally. I was sad with her in the beginning because she was so heartbroken losing her mommy and daddy who loved her. She felt betrayed." Apparently "the Muffin" loves men. She likes her new mom, but her new dad (Robert) is the one she's really bonded with.

cat on sofa
Making Herself at Home

Her mom also writes,

"The Muffin is a lot more happy now. She has a brand new litter box, too, with sides so she can't fling it over the floor. And she is a good clean kitty now. She loves her cat-house-bed I gave her. She likes to sneak in my cupboard, though. and sleep. She knows how to open cupboard doors, by the way! She has no desire to go outside into the cold cruel world. She prefers a life of leisure inside in her own Disney-cat-world far away from the harsh true realities of the world.

cat snoozing
Settling In

"She knows what "treat" means and comes when you call her by name. She follows me everywhere in the house. I have to watch her, as she can get underfoot and get stepped on if I am not being careful. She did chase Baby and Sasha [her new sister kitties] through the house yesterday. I don't know if they were playing or serious, but to see my overweight Baby fly through the hall thumping her body on the floor when she ran -- her weight made noise as her paws hit the floor. Her belly flapped wildly side to side as she scurried away. Poor Baby! Melah and Muffin pass one another, stopping to look and hiss at one another.

"Muffin climbs up on Robert's big warm belly everynight and puts her head under his chin. She chose to bond with him first, which is fine with me.

cat snoozing
Muffin bonding with big daddy

"Here is a picture of my son kneeling besides her last night. She came right up to him and he really thinks that she is a very special kind of cat."

new friends
New Friends

Love Muffin is up to new tricks. Her mom explains,

'Love Muffin is playing a game called "speak to the hand" -- only I don't have to put my hand up as a signal for her to speak any more. She speaks when I say, "Speak" now!. She is so smart. When we play speak, we do "goochie, goochie, goochie," and I tickle her under her neck -- whereby she makes this hissy face! But her ears never go back, and the fact that she doesn't run away shows me that she gets into the game of pretending she is "tough."'

Love Muffin
I'm hissing...

hissing cat
... to show what a tough girl I am!

Love Muffin loves her new cat tree!:

Love Muffin
Hmm, what's this?

cat sitting
This is a nice place to sit

cat tree
I like being up here

cat looking out window
And surveying my terrain

cat on horse
Comfy place

cat snoozing
This side is nice, too

Love Muffin
This is a great place to hang out, too

Love Muffin recently got Softpaws. Her person mom says that "Love Muffin had a problem using nails in a assertive way over my declawed kitties. I didn't know about the problems with declawing before, but since my cats had it done by six months old when I had them fixed, they missed nothing. To declaw a cat Muffin's age would have upset her mentally. So, I heard about Softpaws and they do work. They are not hard to apply if your cat is willing to behave. Muffin was really naughty but after I put them on her, she seemed to know how pretty they were!"

See my Softpaws

Love Muffin is sporting both her Softpaws and her new shirt:

Love Muffin
Looking pretty...

Softpaws my red Softpaws...

Cat in shirt
...and my new shirt!

Love Muffin looking very pretty in her new Christmas jacket:

cat in fancy jacket
Look at me!

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