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Kitty Star of the Week for Aug. 31 - Sep. 6, 2008

This week our star is Baby Beauty, and her person mom writes,

We adopted our now 17 month old Baby Beauty from an animal shelter May 6th. She is a beautiful purebred Birman.

Baby Beauty loves to be carried around the house and cuddle. She loves to play and is into everything from the top of the bedroom door to under the microwave table chasing her toys.

Baby Beauty
Baby Beauty loves playtime

Riding in my leather office roll chair and sleeping in it is also among her favorite activities. Like a baby being pushed in a stroller, every time I roll my chair from the bedroom to the living room for computing she jumps right in my chair just to enjoy the ride.

Baby Beauty loves to carry her toy "prey" in her mouth. How proud she is that she caught her rubber snake. She parades all over the house as if to say, "Look at the great hunter and what I have captured today!"

cat and toy snake
Baby Beauty caught her rubber snake

Playing with Mommy and crashing into her play cube is also amusing. She happily chases her toys and crashes safely atop her play cube. Losing her break away collar and ID tag occurs often as she climbs furniture, bookcases, and a decorative tree. The first month we had to lock her in the bedroom when cooking and throw dry towels on her head to teach her not to jump on the stove, counters or dining room table.

cat and indoor tree
Baby Beauty loves climbing her tree

Baby Beauty enjoys snoozing inside the blankets. We had to close off a hole in the springs to keep her safe.

cat sleeping
Napping in an unmade bed

Baby Beauty loves to pick out the push pins holding our Christmas cards and ladybug curtains in place. Every morning she is atop my sewing machine cover picking out the pins and drops them safely on the floor before me and my husband awake.

After losing our beloved feline Kitty Baby to mammary cancer earlier this year and then Darla Joy to an incompetent vet who perforated poor Darla's Joy bowel, Baby Beauty has brought much happiness joy . peace , love and activity back into our household. She is also quite vocal, sometimes waking us in the middle of the night.

Baby Beauty is very loving. Always ready to give Mommy a nose kiss, so falling in love with her didn't take long. Baby Beauty, may God bless you with a long healthy, safe, life to be shared with your new family.

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