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My Story as a Kitten
May 1, 2007

By Me, Little Tiger

My mom had four kittens, two girls, Midnight and Snowball, and two boys, Felix and me -- Little Tiger. These are names that I gave to them and myself before I knew that we would be separated to go to different homes because we were up for "adoption", a word I just learned what it means. I still don't understand why we kitties can't grow up together as a normal family even though we don't know who our fathers are. Ours just got my mother pregnant and left us. Shame on him.

Felix and Little Tiger
Felix and Me

white kitten
My Sister Snowball (she looks just like Zsa-Zsa when she was little)

But we were lucky that an old gentleman who saw my mother's predicament gave her food and shelter, and after we were born, put us all in a room in his house, fed us and played with us. He even took Felix to the doctor when he had tummy problems. Everyday he would take us outside to his patio where we played hide-and-seek and chase each other.

mom and kittens
Mom watching over us while we play with one of our older brothers

Some big brothers of ours -- we found out my mother had with another guy -- came to play with us. They were nice and gentle, licked and hugged us. The old gentleman also would bring us into his den where I met an older sister and another older brother, and an aunt, my Momís twin sister. I heard the old man called the young cats Zsa-Zsa (the skinny female), and Elmo (the good looking male), who was nice to us. Zsa-Zsa didnít like us; she hissed when we got close to her, and also our aunt, whose name is Nicole, as the old guy called her. Aunt Nicole didnít want any part us, she hissed at us too. But we had a great time indoors, played with Elmoís toys and took good naps when we got tired.

Elmo and Zsa-Zsa
Brother Elmo (right) and mean sister Zsa-Zsa

Mean Aunt Nicole

Now comes the sad part of my story. As I write this, I know that just any time now my sister Midnight, will be gone to the family next door, at least she would be close to us I thought, and she can come and visit us, but then I overheard our host talking to someone saying that my other sister Snowball and my brother Felix would be leaving us too, they are being adopted by one family who live in another town, at least they are going to be to be together. They were happy to know that, but I know Iíll never see them again. Why? I kept asking myself. Why can we stay together and grow together?

Felix and Snowball
Felix and Snowball hugging when told they were going to be together

I overheard a conversation our host had over the phone with someone, saying that even though he liked us and had grown fond of us, as much as he would like to, he just couldní t keep all of us and Mom too. As for me, in about a week Iíll be saying good bye to Mom and my foster home, because I am being adopted by a friend of Jeanetteís, our hostís daughter. This has been our last weekend together, playing joyfully not knowing how we are going to like our new homes, but hoping that our new masters are going to love us and take good care of us. I know that Mom will be sad for a while too. She doesnít know it yet, but sheíll be gone next weekend also. Reluctantly, our host is taking her to an adoptions agency hoping to find a good home for her and prevent her from having more children. Poor Mom, I know she'll miss us and weíll miss her too, but what can we cats do? We just have to go wherever humans and fate take us.

I envy aunt Nicole, Zsa-Zsa and Elmo. They are living the good life, playing and growing old together in a nice house under the care of a very nice loving master. But then again, my siblings and I could also start a good new life in separate worlds being loved and cared for.

Updating my story, Midnight, whom you see below with me, is now gone to her new home. The other two brothers outside donít want the home life; they prefer to run wild, freeloading on meals and chasing birds. They are what is called feral cats. Poor devils, they donít know what a dangerous world this is. Some wild dog could mangle them, or someone who hates cats could shoot them or even run them over with a car.

Midnight and Little Tiger
Midnight and Me

I dream of a day when all cats and kittens can live, grow together, have families and stay in a very special place for us, where somehow all us cats can live healthy lives, but above all, be free to love and be happy. Maybe there is a place like that for us in heaven.

Yours Truly,

tabby kitten
(in deep thought)


Story and Pictures Copyright 2007, Roberto Cruzalegui.