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Previous Tails

Apr 20 2012
Murray's mom
My cat Murray used to let me pick him up -- once a day, for about 30 seconds -- despite the fact it impinged on his cat dignity. When he did, he would give me some Murray chirps -- cute little, contented meows. Again, for about 30 seconds, that was as much as the cat dignity would permit.

Mar 8 2011
Hello! I am eighteen and an avid cat enthusiast. I grew up around cats. My Grandma Mae is Wiccan. She kept cats of all colors and sizes. So when I met my husband, I told him, I want a cat. A black cat. He said we'd get one from the shelter and I was so happy. Well, we walk into the pet store one day, just checking out cat stuff, and I saw an adorable black kitty. I wanted her, I felt an immediate connection. She was meant for me. But my husband wouldn't budge. He wanted a shelter kitten. I pestered my husband 'til he got her. And now she is central to our lives. She is more spoiled than me! She even saved my life. I was bringing some stuff on the ladder to my attic and fell. I had taught her to get the phone if we were needing it just as a random trick. This time, I needed it. I broke my hip and ankle and thanks to her it wasn't worse!

Jan 16 2010
my kitten Willow is an orange tabby. he is soooooooooooo cute! i always play with him. he follows me and mommy. he is the best cat in the world! i love Willow just the way he is!

Nov 20 2009
i have a 8 weeks old kitten and a 8 month old doxie, and the kitten nurses off the doxie, and if my other cat comes near she is out of the bed after him, it is so funny to watch, and sweet at the same time,and they sleep all curled up togehter. thanks for reading this, sandy

Oct 1 2009
I have a big Male Tom Cat that stays inside, he loves to look outside, and walk with me on a liech. He thinks my hand is a toy and likes to play with it. He wont't let you get out of the apt. unless you give him his food, he will stare you down untill you do. He loves attention from others, and generally gets it, he is love, we all should have a cat they are so much fun

Sep 22 2009
My Big Male cat like to kiss me on the cheek when I am down, he knows that, its great

Mar 29 2009
I love my cats I have a cat that is black and white I switched his name about 30 different times in the first two days I had him! On the third day I gave him a forever loved name I named him Cuddles! That was the perfect name for him becuase thats what he always dose to me he always cuddles! :) On July 31st he will be 3 years old and I still love him and I always will!

Feb 7 2009
My new kitten I named Loki after the Norse God of Mischief (OK a God is a male and my kitten is a female but it fits). I had already had a cat, who is gone now, named Mischief. I woke up a few mornings after i got her and it had snowed in the living room. Loki had found the paper towels in the kitchen. She caught one end and enrolled the paper towels over the counter and into the living room and proceeded to shred them all over the floor. I should have been mad but I was laughing too hard. She also like to try and catch running water. If any tap is running for some reason or another she will bat at it with her paws and try and catch it with her mouth. Loki seems to fit her to a T.

Jan 30 2009
My black female cat was the love of my life untill she died when giving birth to three cute little kittens, they died too. Five years later, a man came to my door and told me he was her owner and he gave me a black cat, and said it was from her very first litter,i later found out it was a male and I called it cabel,ever heard of second love?

Oct 19 2008
WOW! I was on here 4 years ago when I was eight and nine years old and now I'm 12. All my cats have gone accept for Lucky-Meco and my cat Gizmo (who was suppost to be Blossom/Macy but then we found out he was a boy) !!! It's so weird- look back in the 2005 times and you'll see my stories and its so cool!

Aug 9 2008
buddy lee came to us as a kitty with no tail at all. Just a little bit of fur. After he was 2 yrs. old, he was in terrible pain, and $3,000 later, his hind leg had to be removed, joint and all. He still thinks he has 4 legs, jumping around and all. That was 2 yrs ago and he is still hoping around.

Jul 12 2008
Kara W.
My cat, Snowshoe, is the love of my life! She will always be in my world. When i'm not needed to do any- thing else, I think about her. Snowy is a fluffy, Maine Coon Cat, who gets along with just about anyone. I love her!

Nov 13 2007
Penny was a stray cat until she found me. She (very bravely) marched up to my door and meowed like crazy. I saw how thin she was and I fed her. Later I walked around outside to find her. She had 3 kittens she was tring to feed. They were so cute and just starting to walk. I found homes for the kittens, and kept Penny. She now cuddles with me in bed, and is my best friend.

Sep 6 2007
I have a kitten named Tigger and she completes my life after my cat was killed 3 years ago i still cry till this day. anyway my dad found Tigger down in a ditch behind my house she was only 2 weeks old. i had to bottle feed her till she was 2 months old now she's about 5 months. I LOVE THIS CAT

Sep 2 2007
Her name is Ruby-Blue
my baby is 8 month old siamese little bugger, she is nosey as nosey can be , if you are opening your mail she jumps on the mail, decides she wants to open them herself, or throw them on the floor, and sits on the t.v remote so you wont change the animal planet channel, only if I could train her to pay my bills, that would be great......

Aug 31 2007
It warms my heart reading everyones kitty stories. I live on a farm and currently have 16 kitties that I love with all my heart. They have a heated barn for the winter and I feed them every day - no matter the weather. I've had a few get sick and not make it, which still makes me very sad. But I sure love those little buggers. I spend probably too much time with them on any given day...but they're just too darn cute! Whenever they have litters, there's always a runt...which usually doesn't make it. What can I do? Can I give him/her anything to help it grow? Poor little runties :( [The best thing is to get the mothers fixed! But if you do have a runt, it may need some kitty milk that you give it on the side.]

Aug 12 2007
my cat Binx has been gone for a week..i always told my parents not to let him out but they didn't listen to me. So my parents realized it wasn't fair cause he was my best cat, and i never let him out. So tomarrow after my dentist appt. i'm going to get a new cat, down the road from my house. I have to choose between and tiger or and black and white. Idk which to choose, but i'll choose one :] ~Leahh

Aug 11 2007
My black and white cat has just had 3 kittens. They are all adorable. But one of them is solid white and has no tail! Does any one know why? [Not exactly -- but it's due to genetics!]

Aug 5 2007
Murray likes to be swim cat. What I mean is, he lies on his side on the carpet, stretches out his front leg, grabs hold of the carpet, and pulls himself along. Then he does it again, as if he were doing some type of kitty side-stroke. He'll pull himself along for several feet. Because the carpet is blue, it really does look like he's swimming.

Jul 19 2007
Snowball was a 9 week old stray we picked up while shopping at the store. He was named after his pure white coat. He was the most affectionate cat you would every hope to own. One day, we came home from shopping, snowball started acting weird, we opened the door thought he was overheated, his nose was runny, thick mucus was coming out of his mouth. We took him to the vet the next day, he said I don't this little guy is going to make it, he lived till noon the next day. I miss him a lot, I am still sad we lost him, I cannot understand why his illness came on so quickly, he was doing fine, then suddenly it enveloped him. If anyone knows of a cat illnes which hits a cat, within a short period of time, wtih the syptoms, please post a response so I can make sence of what happened. ty. [We're so sorry for your loss. He might have had an underlying condition like FIV or similar that showed up suddenly.]

Jul 8 2007
My old cat, Mikee would always loved string. What cat doesn't? and one day i brought him into my room, my robe was hanging up on the back of my door so Mikee starts hitting it and trying to hold it. Then he finally gets a hold of it and he is swinging from left to right! but then he flew off and i caught him, it was hilarious.

Jun 13 2007
My cat Elvis . His whole family died from coyotes and my cat ran away so they brought him over so I could have him. Now he is safe here. I love having him here with me now! He loves to play with alot of stuff. Sometimes he gets so playful that he runs up and bites your leg. I know that he is playing because we were playing.

Jun 10 2007
What kinds of human foods are okay for cats to eat? Sometimes I feel I am too restrictive... like...... I won't give him anything from my plate. maybe I'm not being fair. this is my first cat. I'm afraid to give him things other than his food. [Editor: It is always best to stick to name brand cat food instead of people food. Of course, keep an eye out for pet food recalls! And, make sure you get a veterinarian for your new kitty. The vet can also answer your questions.]

Jun 10 2007
My kitty Dennis (the Menace) is cute... I love him to death... someone else had abandoned him and he chose me for his new mom. I've had him for 4 months now... he's a little over a year old. If my alarm clock doesn't wake me up, he certainly will! First he starts with meowing and if that doesn't work he pounds on my door until I get out of bed........then I let him in the bathroom and pick him up.......he rubs noses with me.............. I'm autistic and get overloaded and overwhelmed with stuff easily but cats are great stress relief. Life is good with a kitty...

Apr 13 2007
Andre and Pat
George your memory will live on in our hearts forever,you will be sadly missed by all you were are Tiger you went and lived with two other people who very much loved you never the less we loved you too no more suffering with cancer now sleep tight brother of Gracie GEORGE 1991-2007

Apr 6 2007
I have a cat she is 1 and a half years old, we got her from a petstore but we think she might be pregnant. But i'm not sure??? so can you tell me how you know if there pregnant? [Always have a new pet checked out by a veterinarian -- and if your cat is not pregnant, get her fixed RIGHT AWAY!]

Apr 1 2007
Alice decided to walk to Heritage Village. She became tired and stopped by the side of the road, found a secluded spot and rested. St. Francis saw her curled in a ball and comforted her. He told her it was all right to go to sleep, and he would watch over her. She trusted St. Francis and fell into a deep peaceful sleep. Soon, Alice discovered a place where she could always sleep on top of the bed. ‘Yes’, St. Francis said, ‘this is heaven’.

Mar 25 2007
my kittens were born yesterday and there mother's tail is long but the kittens tails are tiny. are they going to get bigger? [Yes]

Mar 15 2007
well if you are wondering my baby boys name is jerry. Are you wondering how I got that name? Well I got it from my dads cat. I know it sounds kinda weird but its true. My dads cats name is Tom. And if you put that together it is Tom and Jerry. I just love my cat to death. He is soooo cute. luv you all

Mar 15 2007
I have a cat she is 1 and a half years old, we got her from a petstore but we think she might be pregnant. But i'm not sure??? so can you tell me how you know if there pregnant? [Always have a new pet checked out by a veterinarian -- and if your cat is not pregnant, get her fixed RIGHT AWAY!]

Mar 12 2007
I have a cat named Cooter. When we moved he ran away. But he found me while I was deer hunting. Now he has settled down.

Mar 8 2007
after my cat sophie had some catnip she jumped onto my dresser. she started moving her head all weird like she was rubbng it on something. all of a sudden she lost her balance and fell of the was the funniest day ever. (She was OK)

Mar 7 2007
One day, my cat, Tinkr'belle (male) was licking his paw. He was so cute looking and I stopped to pet him. As soon as I was done petting my darling, my little sis (she's ten) came into the room and yelled HELLO! really, really loud. Tinkr'belle was so startled that he stopped licking himself. My sis started laughing really hard so I called my cat over to see what was so funny. Actually, my cat left his tongue hanging out of his mouth by accident. It was SO hilarious!

Jan 26 2007
Sam and Vicki
One night my cat was making a loud noise so I turned on my light to see her digging through my underwear drawer then underwear flew across my room --funny stuff!!!

Jan 25 2007
a few weeks ago my cats Lily [girl] and jewles [girl] were chasing each other and jewles ran down the stairs which are very high off the ground and took a turn too early and almost fell off of the stairs.

Jan 19 2007
I am going to talk about 2 of my cats. here is one of then. his name is frost and he is special. he is a simese and they are mormaly a little cross-eyed but he is REALLY cross-eyed. so when he is chasing our dog or playing with our other cats, he runs into the wall and then he gets up and falls down 3 sec. later. here is another one of our cats. his name is robs. we named him that because he takes things that we are using. first i wanted to name him chris because we got him 2 weeks before christmas. the other name i wanted to name him was crash becaue we were right infront of a flip-over. but anyways frost is a simese and robs is orange tabby and even though i have 4 cats i love them every much!!! and i will always love them very much!!!:)

Jan 19 2007
my kitty's name is star. we got her at the doggy pound.(i know isn't that rude to stick cats with dogs!!!) when we were there, my sister and i got to pick our own kitties. at first i couldn't find the right one. but then, i looked into star's eyes, and i could just see my future with her. i told the lady i wanted that kitten, and guess what she told me back. she told me that kitten was ran over by a humongous truck when she was little. i started to cry because i felt very sorry for that kitten. i told my mom that i was going to get it no matter what and i would feed it and love it all the time. and that did happen. she is still hanging on and she's doing okay. i am very glad i got that kitten.

Jan 5 2007
I have a 14 year old cat named Gritz. He's really cute. He's white and orange. But his kittenhood wasen't as good. My mom was took Gritz home before he was going to be put to sleep. And she snuck him on the bus and stuff!

Jan 1 2007
a couple of days ago I gave my cat Tikki[girl] a collar it was a little bit big but she didn't seem to mind it. Later she came to see me and I figured out she tried to take it off and half of it was on her neck but the other half was around her front leg.

Dec 20 2006
my kittie is named patches and he is the cutest kittie in the whole wide world. His favorite season is winter because he loves to hide under the christmas tree and try to open all the presents and tear the wrapping. The other night my sister was sleeping and patches was being really mean to her. He came in and slept on her bed which was fine but when she wanted to role over she moved him to the end of the bed but then he moved back up to she set him on the floor so he persisted to walk all around the room meowing as loud as he could my mom finally shut him out. Also in the morning he will pound on our door with his paw untill we let him in which is really annoying. But he is a cut kittie and i would never trade him for any other kittie in the world.

Nov 2 2006
One night my cat Mia the stove was on fire and Mia would try to wake us up but I wouldn't wake up. and finally i did and i turned off the stove i thanked her so much the day after that!-Brittany

Sep 15 2006
My daughter and I saved Uhuru (Sawhili for Freedom) Kitty from a parking lot along with her 6 other siblings. I've had her 15 years. She's polydactyl lots o'toes, blotched tabby shorthair,with big sea green eyes...She has blessed me with companionship..and laughter. What a fortunate find. P.S. I just love crazyforKITTIES, because I am :] Thank you for your kindness and caring.

Aug 22 2006
my family just got a new kitten. her name is mily. she loves taking baths but when she's done, she looks like she is naked -- it's funny!!!!

Aug 17 2006
It's safe to say that my cats aren't kittens anymore, and it's been almost a year since we've had them and they still terrorize the house. My cat Binx is black and we named him that cause of the cat Binx in Hocus Pocus, i luv im to death, and when i go away and don't come back for a few days he won't come near me, it's really weird. Well ttyl Cat Lovers!

Aug 16 2006
My cats names are Simba(boy), Mina(fat girl), Moon and Luna(twin girl kittens) Circles(boy), Pirate(one eyed boy), and Fluffy(boy).They all are so playful except Mina who's a siamese. One time, My mom and I were practicing the recorder and the cats started following me when I would walk around and play the recorder.

Aug 15 2006
My Hazy girl passed away on april 11, 2006 @ 10:40am. I had her for 15 years. She was such a queen. When she was sedated (at the vets) the radio played the angel song, wow, little did I know that song would lead me to my new girl. Two months after, I started looking for a new cat and came upon the russina blue, which used to be called the Archangel Cat--what better sign then that! I will never forget my Hazy Girl and I'll love my new angel girl just as much.

Aug 7 2006
I volunteer at a place called the pet connections and there is this really shy but nice two year old cat named Cricket. She is kinda mean because she was a stray I think, but she is so special to me! Also Clock, a kitty who has what they call crystals in her pee. It really hurts her to pee. But she is on a diet to get better from this desease! I love these kitties! Plus a pretty persian that is sooo sweet! Cats rock!

Jul 23 2006
I have a kitty named Kitty, but her middle name is toast. We named her middle name toast because her ears and the tip of her tail are orange brown. So she looks like a piece of toast.(and she likes to eat a lot)Come here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Toast.

Jul 11 2006
I have a kitty named Princess she is soooo cute. And there is a stray cat outside and we call him Black Kitty becuz he is black. but he won't let us get near him. we just feed him and then he comes and eats the food. i love this site by the way

Jul 4 2006
My cats name is Spike. He is about 1 1/2. he is a very intergetic cat, and very fun to play around with. yesterday we bought this cat nip spray stuff at the pet store and decided to try it. well my two cats loved it! Well we sprayed my cats tail, and he was in the living room for about a 1/2 an hour trying to figure out where the smell was coming from! me, my mom and my sister were laughing so hard we were crying!

Jul 4 2006
My cats name is Spike, and i got him when he was fairly young. From the day i got him he sleeps with me, he has his own bed but he preferres my bed, he has about half of it, with his own pillow! He loves to lie across my face, but he usually won't do it if people are around, but it's the cutest thing ever! Spoil your cats! =P

Jul 2 2006
My cat's name is Kelly, she is 12 years old. A cat with a coat of many colors. When people tell me I am wrong about God having a sense of humor. I say look at Kelly, you can see that God has a sense of humor and He made her. She is my friend, a member of my family and a sweetheart. She keeps me going when I am down and she makes me laugh when I need that too. Thank you for your site....

Jun 29 2006
guess what my cat just did? i was at my grandmas and i was laying down and my cat just curled up next to me.

Jun 27 2006
my cats name is mary because i named her after my mother she looks like her to

Jun 19 2006
My cats name is Sunny.I named him that because he looked like the color of the sun.I got him from the Pound and he was so happy when he was out of the small cage. Right now he is about three months old. I wish he could be bigger ,though .This little kitty is a pain in the neck by scratching. The first time I held him I got a LONG sratch below my neck.Thats all about him!

Jun 14 2006
My cat's name is Tippy because when he was little he always chewed on his tail and made it pointey. He is 20 pounds and is a seal point siamese. His full name is Tippy Cream Socks Hickok and is very cute.

Jun 13 2006
I have a new kitty, Her name is Semi like Kissimmee, St. Cloud. She is my first kitty and I have realized that I am infatuated with this kitty. She is about 6 to 8 weeks old. I think of her ALL the time. What is going on, Am I crazy for kitties. I always say, Gimmee a Kiss-Semi

Jun 7 2006
my grandma has a cat named cookie. when my little sister saw her she started chasing her around the house beacause she thought she was a cookie.

Jun 5 2006
Hi. Right now I only have two cats now. Kit-Kat ran away, Pumpkins gone, and now I only have Gizmo and Lucky!

Jun 5 2006
*Rachael* - Best Friend- Sydni
My best friend has a manx that is super cute! Her name is Buddy. Her mom calls her Black Betty, though! She found it as a stray. Sydni is going to keep her and take care of her. I am really happy that kitten has a loving home now. Sydni, you Rock!

May 28 2006
I was on my bed at night, and my cat Sadie walked in, I brought her over by me, and we stretched out next to each other in bed while I watched T.V. I woke up the next day, and she had slept with me the whole night, and so I found her actually laying on my neck!! It was so hilarious that I couldn't stop petting her warm, soft, and beautiful fur, while she just stayed there purring!

May 28 2006
My cat Rainbow is very nice. We found him in the park. A park ranger was being very mean to him. His foot was caught in a trap and the park ranger was trying to shoot him! But, my mom rescued him, after she got him out of the trap.

May 26 2006
When i was 5 I had a cat that had 20 kittens!! 5 of them survived and 15 died. The mom's name was Foxy. She nursed the dead kittens and refused to feed the alive ones. So me and my mom had to feed the alive ones. A few days later she ran away with the dead ones. To this day me and my mom believe Foxy was psychotic.

May 22 2006
My cat charlie is so cool! One day my cat was sleeping with me and I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink.When I came back he was on my windowsill staring at me and hissing. I turned on the light and he still would not stop. The next day when I woke up I could not find charlie. I looked in the bathroom and he was attacked by my moms friend's dog (we had been baby sitting it for two nights.)

May 1 2006
My cat is very pampered! she gets everything she wants and she has a full kitty closet! she has more clothes than i do! she also has a kitty bedroom and full bed! whew she has a lot!

May 1 2006
My mixed breed kitten Figgy, jumps on the window and Starts climbing. Even know she is not yet a year old, she wrestles with my 6 year old mixed breed cat. Sometimes she Wins. Yay!!!

Apr 23 2006
hi there, I have cat and she is so funny. when ever we put the radio on, my cat Cleo will stand infront of it and look up at it and then stares at it with her ears twitching back and forth listening to it. And with T.V. she stands on our chair in front of our TV. when one person talks, she will look at it and then when another person takls she will look at it, and it it's sooo funny LOL.

Apr 21 2006
My cat Bitsy is very picky! Not only does she require 3 meals a day, she throws the meals up afterword, all over our porch! [Editor: she might need a trip to the veterinarian to make sure nothing is wrong.] This is my story about Miss Priss: A long time ago when Bitsy used to sleep with Bruno(Our dog, the sweetest mutt alive), He went to get his hair cut for the Texas summer. When he got home, Bitsy hissed and shrunk back from Bruno. This usually happens when he gets his hair cut, but Bisty never forgave us and never went into the backyard again. Years later, she once in a while travels in the unknown backyard, but hasn't ever forgave Bruno for it. And on that evening on that fateful day, she left a dead bird on the front mat as if to say, Please don't cut my hair too!

Apr 16 2006
Hey my cats are Angus and my wonderful Binx. Who knew two brothers could be such a handful. But god made me love them. Bye

Apr 10 2006
my cats name is isabella salazar Lopez fuuurrrrinaz. I got her when she was a baby. She loves to leap on my shirt. she won the most affectionate kitty prize!

Apr 9 2006
One day my kitty Osnuga was fighting with another kitty I call Cat. Osnuga ran up a tree and got stuck for a half an hour and the higher she went the more she meowed. And I also have 7 other kitty cats!!!

Apr 7 2006
I got my cat about 4 mouths ago. She is really sweet.She came to me. Then 2 mouths later she became pregnant. Now 4/7/06 I am waiting for her to have babies any day now.I hope she has 7 babies! [Editor: then PLEASE GET YOUR CAT FIXED so she doesn't have any more kittens. THANK YOU!!]

Apr 4 2006
Hi I sat down with my baby girl-cat....more about her at a later date... and we lookked into this bonsai kitten thing.... this business turned out to be a joke. It is what we call a hoax. A hoax is a joke or a deception made by someone with the purpose of deceiving the public. Usually a hoax is just a joke, and this one turned out to be an effective one since so many people actually believed it was true. The bonsai kitten website was actually created by some university students who thought it would be funny so rest assured it was a VERY BAD VERY CRUEL JOKE........and the best thing we...and everyone else can do IS IGNORE THEM...they want to sit in their dorms laughing at the gullible just refuse to click on the link or anything and they will go away Nambucca thinks they should all be turned into mice in their next life and given to her and all the other kitties here to play she bites their heads off (her words not mine) HELLO ...

Mar 28 2006
I got my cat while helping my friend move out of his apartment. She was a stray and she literally walked into my life, well, my friend's apartment to be exact. She's been a perrrrfect, loyal pet ever since.

Mar 25 2006
I've had cats my whole life, but never expected this. One day my kitten, Spooky, was running around the house chasing my greyhounds Gretel and especially Dori. Dori ran upstairs and hid from a 7-8 month old cat named Spooky!

Mar 26 2006
Jessica The REAL #1 CAT LOVER
Its me again after i wrote that poem I realized I am CRAZY FOR KITTIES. So i came back and saw They are CRUEL LITTLE MONSTERS I WISH I COULD GO TEACH THEM A LESSON!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah back to what I was saying ... So ive had cats my whole life ( 10 years ) and I got my first kitten a while ago and she had F.I.P. so we had to put her down and I finnally got a new kitten and named her Spooky. And I asked my mom if I could have another kitty but i cant because my dad is allergic to cats !!!!!!! Can you help me get one somehow? [Editor: I think you should just be happy with Spooky for now and take good care of her.]

Mar 25 2006
Jessica Age 10
Cats are cute and adorable not even close to horrable. Cats are pretty wild and because of them you probably smiled. Cats are so cute you cant stay mad so dont try. Even when they attack you at ankle high. Cats are more than a bute' some people say they're just too cute. So in the end Cats are clever , even when they shed fur.

Mar 24 2006
my cat is so crazy! his name is twinkie. he acts like some kind of dog.he chews throgh wires,toys and etc. he will seriously eat anything. he eats pancakes,milkshakes, ice cream, etc.he also chases feet.hahahahah. do i have the craziest cat ever? i guess i'll never know.

Mar 21 2006
I have a cute cat named nifty and he needed a conpanion. so me and my husband adopted a blind cat for my cat nifty -- wish me luck that it works!!!oh, the adopted cat's name is milo brooks cameron

Mar 13 2006
Hello, My name is vivian and I was so in love with one of my neighbors cats that I got up the nerve to ask them if I could have this one particular Cat, named Charlie. Much to my surprise, they said yes. Oh pleased beyond belief, I am a new mom of Loving Little Charlie. He is about 2-3 yrs old and is a black and white with mustache cat. We play together and him and the Dachsund love each other too. What a perfect union in this house with Charlie added to our life....We love him uncondionally forever......vivian

Mar 13 2006
Hi we have a stray cat in our carport we think she is going to have kittiens soon i can't wait till she does.!!

Mar 5 2006
Alyssa B.
A while ago, my cat coco got really sick. She couldn't even walk to her food. I told my mom that she needed to go to the vet but she just said that she will get better. One day when I went to school, my mom put her outside. Since that day I've never seen her since. The problem is, my family didn't really like her because they said that she was wimpy. I was the only one who really loved her. So when she died, I cried for like a week straight, maybe more, because I missed her. And the rest of my family acted like nothing ever happened. If any of my new cats got sick, I know that my mom would take them to the vet. And now I still miss my cat coco. All I know is that she is living a much better life in heaven. [Editor: How sad. Your mother should be ashamed of herself. We can't believe how heartless she was to your cat. No one should ever treat a cat like that. When a cat is sick and needs a vet's care, it's important that the kitty get help. We are so very sorry.]

Mar 4 2006
Hallie W.
My cat is 4 years old and had 2 litters last year. This year she was pregnant. We all thought she would have her kittens on my bed since she always sleeps there. To our surprise we found the kittens..... in my closet on my spare blankets and curtains. [Now it's time to take your cat to the vets and have it spayed. Please don't let her have more kittens. Too many unwanted kittens are born each year. Please, please have your cat spayed!]

Mar 4 2006
We had a bulldog for about 8 years.We loved roxanne so much.I think we kept denying the fact she was getting older and slower every day.she died a month before my birthday. the day after she died a cat popped up at our house she seemed friendly so i took her in. a month later she woke me up at 3a.m. to give birth. she had 5 beautiful kittens i had never had a cat so this was all a big shock to me. they all went to good homes except the little grey and white siamese kittie i soon named gabe. shortly after the mother ran away. now i have 3 cats i love more than anything. and i still believe it was a sign she showed up 13 hours after roxanne died.

Mar 2 2006
Tina and Campbell
Can someone please tell me why my cat, Campbell, likes to jump walls? He will wait for me to come out of a room, and when I do, he will jump the wall, doorframe, whatever it is. He also opens my dresser drawers and will literally take out my clothes. My clothes will end up all over the floor!! I call him my Campbellguy. He's so silly. I rescued him about four years ago from an old empty factory. He's the love of my life!! [Editor: We don't know why cats like to jump walls, but two of ours like to also. They must like it -- maybe it reminds them of climbing trees!]

Feb 27 2006
kittie catzzzzz
I have 5 cats!!!!! we think one of them is in heat though and it is mating season too. [PLEASE all kitty owners -- get your cats spayed or neutered. There are too many unwanted kittens in the world, so please make sure your cats don't add to the problem!]

Feb 27 2006
my cat is 9 years old -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY

Feb 27 2006
once i was sad because my mom got bucked off my horse. but my cat happy (that is his name) made me fell better

Feb 27 2006
My cat's name is Campbell. Campbell and I like to play hide and seek once it get's pretty dark outside. We play it indoors with no lights on. Campbell will hide somewhere and he will wait for me to walk past where he is hiding. He will then jump out and graze my legs. Or he will jump the walls.

Feb 27 2006
ok. I have had ALOT of cats but my recent cat Fifi has been the one so far. Fifi is my comfort when i'm sad, she even trys to help me with my homework! She'll sit there and flip pages in my text books! Once she even turned to the right page AND pointed to the answer to my question i was working on in spelling! She is so funny!

Feb 26 2006
my baby kitten monty died on the 21 of december 2005 at 6 months old and i just dont know what to do.); [We're so sorry -- Liny. Sometimes things like that happen. Just remember your kitty and some day another one will come into your life to take care of and love.]

Feb 25 2006
Alyssa B.
My cat Soxie is really affectionate, and me and my family want to let him in the house and pet him in our laps and stuff like that. But there is one problem, he sprays everywhere. I kept bugging my mom a long time ago to get him neutered but she didn't do anything. So now we only let him in to eat and then we have to put him outside again. If we get him neutered now, it probably won't make any difference. I don't know what to do now. [Just keep taking care of him -- although it would be a good idea to get him fixed so he can't father kittens. There are too many unwanted kittens in the world.]

Feb 23 2006
I have a orange kitty named Punk-in Head. His coat is one i've never seen before, dark swirls on his torsol, and F like letters on his face. anyways, we always try to keep him inside due to the large number of dogs we have in our naborhood. Everytime he gets out, i kid you not, we have half of the naigborhood running, litarly running, after him for id say about 2 hours. . . this happens atleast 2 a week. I cant believe my neighbors dont get it when i tell them to stop. He just thinks they're playing with him. oh well, i just thought that would be a fun tale to share.

Feb 22 2006
My neighbor used to have 2 kitties. An all black one and a gray tabby. The black one was really nice and playful. One time he climbed up a tree and we had to get him down. He always liked strings so he would jump up and grab the strings on my hoodie. Sometimes he would do back flips. The other kitty was really lazy and bit everybody. The black kitty also gave kisses and would purr a lot. The black kitty's name was Midnight and he would climb up on my knees and give me kisses. He was so cute.

Feb 19 2006
Dear cat tails i am a huge cat fan in my life-time!!! I have a cat named danny who is really fat and lazy!!! Well a very sad story i have too tell you last year when i was only 9 years old me and my mom had found an old almost dead cat (i know how sad) well any way i begged my mom too stop and let me take hom home so he would feel much better well. my stepdad said he will shoot it and when i heard that i started screaming and crying because its life would be over so soon. well he was asking my papa if they could shoot it and he (my papa) looked at me crying and said NO!!!! i was happy and the cat who everyone said was ugly wasn't ugly to me. I thought he was a cuty pie. well the cat i named charles died that night. it happened when i came down stairs to say good night and feed and water him he meowed and then took a breath and died right infront of me!!!! i screamed and yelled and hugged the dead cat, and then i thought of his last meow and it seamed like he was saying THANK YOU STAR. [Yes, Star, you made his last few moments happy -- he knew you cared about him.]

Feb 11 2006
My cats, I have 3, are always willing to cuddle. they cuddle when you are sad and depressed. Every time I get in a fight with my little brother they sit around to encourage me. I LOVE 'EM!

Feb 3 2006
Alanna And Whiskerz
On the last day of school , I became all depressed because recently my unneuted cat named Tinkerboy ran away. I opened the door to my house and heard a soft meow. I looked over to the couch and there sat a little striped kitten. My dad found him near the fire wood at my house. Ever since then, even though it has been not even a year, Whiskerz and I have bonded so much. He treats me like his mother.

Jan 27 2006
I saw a cat stuck in a hedge one day with my best friend Sophie and we saved the cat! it was a orange spotted yellow tabby or something and he was very thin so we fed him some meat. we called him socks at first but then he came to our house and he drank some milk and we called him muffiN! We love muffin and he comes to my house every night for milk!

Jan 25 2006
Hi does anybody know why my cat dosen't eat, my cat hasn't been eating for 2weeks straight she's had some tuna buts that all .and her saliva is flemy and her fur his kinda hard by the butt and when she licks herself a day latter its all hard, Well if anybody knows why pleas tell me. [Editor: TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY! When your cat isn't eating or is sick, please PLEASE get proper medical attention RIGHT AWAY.]

Jan 21 2006
Hi i have a baby cat she luvssss cuddling and best of all playing. she is nine months old. would you consider her a year old when she is 12 months or not? [She's a year old when she is... a year old. 12 months.]

Jan 21 2006
I was wondering if any body new what food would be best for a 9 month old kittin she has been on science Diet and it gives her stinky breath and whiskas she dosn't ea.t i am from Canada and i don't know if there is the same brand of cat food in the U.S.A as there is in Canada. and Ams is exspensive so pleas give me some ideas we have been working with science Diet. oh and if any thing what typ of canned food would be good? sorry for all the questions but i am just concerned. [It's best to ask your kitty's veterinarian what food would be best. Don't have a vet? Ask friends or relatives for a referral, or look up a vet in your local phone book.]

Jan 12 2006
one day when my father was letting out our dogs, he looked over the side of the porch and he saw some kittens come out from under the house. he calls the dogs in and he calls us to come outside and help him. when we got four of them in, one of them went under the house and our father looks under there and he sees two cats instead of one. we also get the mother inside and we set them in a bathtub to be fed. this happened almost three years ago and now they are almost grown up but we do not know what types they are.

Jan 12 2006
i have two cats named leroy and jax. jax is the fluffyest kittie in the world. he is a ragdoll. and he loves attention. leroy on the other hand is kinda crabby at times. he is a maine coon. he is gray and i love him alot, he sleeps with me at night

Jan 10 2006
Mitzie gives a little cry (she's 7.5 months old) right before she leaps onto the couch (or your legs while sitting on the couch) and then lands on your chest. It doesn't matter if you are sitting straight up or if you are lying down. She purrs like crazy, licks your fingers/hands, and (sometimes) kneads your chest with her paws (no nails get unsheathed so it doesn't hurt). Anyway, even if it would seem that gravity would make her fall, she curls up and stays put! Purring and kissing all the while. Making her cute and quite impossible to ignore.

Jan 8 2006
My cat's name is Tabby. She's 5 (almost 6!) years old! I found her 4 years ago, and I have no idea where she came from. She's a maine coon and SO cute. She loves fuzzy things and cheese!

Jan 5 2006
Hi there i was woundering if its normal for a cat thats nine months old to aleays be puring she purrs constantly i was woundering if that's normal [Editor: I don't see why not, as long as she is eating well and acting OK in other ways.]

Jan 4 2006
I have a cat her name is Cleo she loves to sleep, cuddle, play and when we put up the Christmas tree i bet you now what happend..... SHE CLIMBD IT she got in soooo much trouble. She also likes to try and get outside cause she is only a inside cat. once she was outside all day, we didn't now were she was and all night not knowing were she was. it was sad, but in the morning we found her!!!

Jan 2 2006
If any one finds a big beat up big eyed tabby ally cat. HE'S MINE. He just looks like a stray. He's shy, but don't take any chances of not catching him! If he dosn't come up to you, just get him to come into a trap. (Take some kitty food, like wet cat food, and put it in a carrying box, than when he's to attracted to the food, come up behind him and close up the box! Or get someone else to do it like the humane societies.) His name is Kit-Kat, he is a large, orange tabby. He was going to get his eye removed, so it's very bolgy. Then bring him to where I am going to volunteer, in the pet connection in Kansas City. Olathe. Please find him, I love him so much!!!!

Jan 2 2006
Hello again. Guess what? I get to work at an animal shelter for different kitties all day on the weekends. I start at the begining of Febuary. I'll be able to work with kitties all day!!!! Wonderful, isn't it?

Dec 31 2005
My cats name is Angel. Every night when I sleep, she hits my nose with her paw. When I wake up and push her back, she hisses and starts again! She is sometimes annoying but I love her! I also just wanna say hello to Marty in Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, Marty.I miss you!!!

Dec 26 2005
As you know i have a kitty named Willie. Willie is now a year and 6 months old. He is a siamese, all our family is very lucky that we got this cat for only $25. Willie is now full-grown. He weighs 15 pounds and is very healthy. But he is still a hand-full, when it comes to couches, he can do his thing very well. I think that he is so sweet, and beautiful. Willie is also an inside cat,he is very spoiled, but as all you think about your cat's, Yes. I love him very much.

Dec 24 2005
I have a cat she is 9 months old and she always climbs our Christmas tree she is very loveable as well! i luvvvvv cats

Dec 20 2005
One of my pet cats in childhood was named Honey. Honey was an orange tabby and was very smart. On our door we had one of those metal rappers to knock on the door. Honey used to sit outside the door and watch people use the knocker to get someone to open the door. After a while, when we were inside we would hear knocking on the door, but when we went to answer it, there were no people there, only Honey sitting there looking up at us. It turns out Honey had worked out what the knocker was for and how to get someone to open the door for her. She did this without any kind of training or encouragement by humans! Another cat I used to have, a male black and white cat, actually learned to 'talk'. No, I'm not kidding. It learned to say a cat-sounding version of 'hello' after we had said 'hello' to it many times.

Dec 8 2005
my cats name is KIKI. she just turned 1 year old. i found her on the street one day. she came to me when i protended to have food in my hand. she was friendly but i realized that she had metal stiches in her stomach! the vet had taken them out and she always sleeps with me and slaps my face to wake me up in the morning shes my best freind for life( -_-)

Dec 3 2005
My cat's name is Samantha. She is 6 months old. She is a outside cat. She is very sneaky. Samantha will jump on to my shoulder and then on to my head. At night she will scratch at the door and get inside the house. [Editor: make sure she has somewhere warm to stay outside in the wintertime.]

Nov 29 2005
my cat bj is the best cat ever. My moms friend gave her to me. she use to be really fat. But now she is so skinny. I love her so much. she is a bombay tuxedo. just like my friend ashleys cat.

Nov 28 2005
My kitty, she is one year old this month, does that make her a cat? At any rate, she was found in a garage without food or water and with her whiskers cut. When she was given to me, Kiki, weighed 1 1/2 pounds. She is very playful, so playful in fact, she wants to play when Chu (my 13 year old dog ) and I are sleeping. Close the door, and she opens it. Sounds cute and bright, but Chu and I are exhausted. Is this normal? Any suggestions? She is also an affectionate kitty and I do love her. My 13 year old Shih Tzu tolerates her. She is mischeivious and curious...but what about sleeping? [Editor: This is typical of a cat. Keep trying, and as she gets older, it will lessen. But our cat does this too, althought not every night!]

Nov 28 2005
I just got my kittie today. I adopted her. I think she is a Maine Coon. She is the most loving kitten ( or cat) I have EVER met! She is a lap kitten and loves to lay on me to sleep. I named her Sassee. I have never had a kitten that would jump in my lap and just love on me!! I have only had her about 12 hours and I love her with all my heart already!!! I'am so attatched to her...I don't want to work tomorrow..LOL!! I'll send a picture soon.

Nov 19 2005
I have a cute little kitten, only 6 months old. She is all black with little white flecks in her fur and looks like a little shadow, and thats why we called her SHADOW. She loves water but whenever we try and make get in to water she protests hugely and runs away. We look all over the house and come back into the bathroom where she is lying in the little tub of water we were going to give her a bath in. She is soooo adorable!

Nov 19 2005
One day my kitty was meowing upstairs in the hallway and my mom was calling him. She kept calling him and thought he was downstairs. She called him so many times that all of the sudden, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a big blur. It was my kitty! He fell from the upstairs hallway to downstairs. Luckly he landed on the couch.

Nov 18 2005
my cats an addict!!! my mother is 61 and takes a lot of vitamins, supplements etc. she has this specific drawer in her dresser where she keeps them all. in the morning when she opens it to take them, Julia( our year old orphan stray that we rescued and was so small and young we had to start her out on orphan baby animal formula) goes nuts. If my mother drops a pill she will pounce it and try to eat it. she will even jump on the dresser and try to eat the pills out of my mom's hands. we have even caught her rummaging in the drawer if my mom forgets to close it.

Nov 18 2005
Once my orange tabby, Otis, and his twin sister, Honey, were laying down together. I was watching them, and he started to lick her head. It was the sweetest thing- and I got to watch it! She looked so cute and relaxed while he was licking her. It was just more proof of how much they love each other! They have been together since birth.

Nov 11 2005
My kitten is a bombay tuxedo. I love her so much. I found her under a motor of my neighbor's car. Her name is Lucky,but most of the time i call her kiki. She loves attention. i am so glad i found her.

Nov 9 2005
*Leah Cat Lover*
Hi its Leah Cate again I found out the news my cat Daisy Duke is a boy,So I named him Binx. My cat Tinsel has been gone for 3 months.

Nov 2 2005
I have 2 Maine Coon mixes. they are brother and sister. I named them Maggie and Milhouse. I call them the M & M's. They are very loveable and sweet. They are 9lbs. and 13lbs. respectivly. They are the loves of my life. They love unconditionally. Their mother is a beautiful calico and the father was a full Maine Coon. They are the most playful kitties. If you ever have the chance to have a Maine Coon or be involved with one take it by all means.

Oct 28 2005
Kitty lover
I have a chocolate point siamese. He is the sweetest most talkative cat and playful! ever! Any way a family friend found him sick and nearly dead on the side of the rode. She scooped him up and fixed him all up. He was only 5 pounds when we took care of him. he now weighs 11 pounds. (his name is Mojo Moki) His nicknames are beasty (he is a beast, that's a long story), bubbas and beaslty boy, and mockiato. I love my kitty!

Oct 25 2005
panda bear
I have a cat; her name is KISSY FACE we named her that because she licks my face. I'm glad that she had kittens and the kittens are four weeks old. [Editor: but please get Kissy Face spayed so she won't have more kittens. There are too many unloved kitties in the world that need homes. Thanks!!]

Oct 25 2005
I have two kitties. Well, I did. Lucy is about a year and a half old. My other cat, KC, was just put to sleep today. She was 16 yrs old, and had feline diabetes. Yesterday my mom realizd KC wasn't doing so well and took her to the vets. She was a very sick kitty, and had diabetic ketoacidosis. The treatment would be very painful, and there was still a 40 percent chance she wouldn't survive. So my mom decided to have her put asleep this morning. I am having a very hard time with, but my mom is even worse. KC was her best friend and they were together every day for 16 years. Anyways, just wanted to say that kitty cats are so very special, and it's really hard when you have to let one go! I'm very glad that I still have my other kitty lucy.

Oct 24 2005
One time Lucky,a 1 year old cat of mine,caught a chipmunk, and put it on our porch- acting all proud of himself. Pour cat, you know why- Lucky was too proud of himself, he didn't even know that the chipmunk had escaped, off the pourch, through the grass, and under a big rock!

Oct 17 2005
Rachael*-The REAL #1 Catlover
All those people out there who are catlovers-I am most definately one! My dad and mom have raised cats since they were born and so have I. My mom and dad and I are professional caregivers for cats only. Plus, my kittys are spoiled, not only on kitty condos,toys,gooming tools,and scratching posts,but also on vitamins, and tartar controls to help our cats teeth. Also on tasty treats if they're good. If they're bad, they don't get fancy feast for dinner! I also have about 30 cat colectables on the shelves of my cat room- and I'm not just saying that- I even have a kitty cover!

Oct 17 2005
I've given you lots of tails to read and enjoy before- and I never get tired of it, but anyway, I have a 6 month old kitten who is huge and is as big as a full grown cat, like KitKat, Pumpkin,and Lucky (in order, 5,3,1-Lucky isn't old, but he is gigantic!) One time when Gizzy(Gizmo-6 month old kitten)was going to take a bath, because he hates water so much, my dad almost had to get stitches!

Oct 15 2005
My cat caught a snake. She is mean sometimes but I still love her. She doesn't like the vet's ofice very well. She likes being loved but not very much. She is silly because she thought a fake mouse was a real one and brought it to my mom for a treat. When she hears you with food, milk, water,treats, or anything else edible she will be there to take it so dont leave your food when the cat's near you!My cat took my brothers steak while he went to get something to drink.

Oct 12 2005
When my tabby cat Gatita was a kitten, we played with her with a lazer light. She loved to chase the light all over the room and to hunt for it when it was gone. Her love of light chasing gradually branched out until she would come flying whenever someone got out a mirror or when a watch would reflect sunlight on a wall. Today I got out a mirror to put on makeup and Gatita came flying so fast that she ended up with mascara all over her whiskers! I often wonder if she enjoys the light chasing or if we've made her neurotic by teaching her to chase a light!

Oct 6 2005
My boys are Tyson(mike),Opie(tay-lor), And Ozzy(osbourne). They are my spoiled rotten brats and I love them very much....Always be good to your pets, they may not be human, but they feel love and pain just the same.

Oct 2 2005
We have a cat her name is Chleo she is an indoor cat and is going on 6 months old in people years. i need to know how old is she in cat years -- how do you figure it out?? please answer my question. [There isn't a simple formula -- it varies with the cat's age. A 6 month old cat is probably like a 10 or 12 year old person, but then the ageing slows down some when the cat gets older.]

Oct 1 2005
I love my kitty so much (he is called scotie) Every day i wake up I have a cat on my tummy!!!!!!!!!

Sep 28 2005
My kitty, Stephanie, is soooo snuggly! Whenever I go to bed, I wake up and there's a kitty snuggled up next to me! Awww...

Sep 18 2005
My cat Daisy Duke might be a boy. We're going to the vets next week so the vets will tell us what she is. If Daisy Duke is a boy i will name him Duke.

And now we made them a part of our lives and a part of our family. We love them both and will never part with them. Their names are Sugar and Banit, a female and male, which are our hearts now.

Sep 11 2005
We took in two small cats that ran around for weeks with no food or water.

Sep 11 2005
My cat Daisy Duke jumps on the top of the bird cage and it's up high because it's on our wood stove and i'm afraid she won't be able to get down and she'll fall.(oh ya we don't use our wood stove it's for decoration)Oh ya i we're going to get her spayed! IIIIIIII LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVV-VVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE HHHHHHEEEEEERRRRRRRR-!!!!!!!!!

Sep 11 2005
Leah Cat Lover#1
My cat Daisy Duke is a black and gray tiger she is so loveable and she's only three months old. I've only had her and her brother for 7 days, but I saw them when they were really little,but I still had my cat Tinsel. We were looking for a cat for my gram but they weren't sure they wanted a kitten any more. So then my cat Tinsel ran away. So we waited a month and my cat didn't come back. so we got our two kittens. It's hard to live a whole month without a cat. My cat Tinsel would have been a two years old this November. I miss her a lot my love is with her.

Sep 10 2005
Leah The Cat Lover
Hi it's me again,well bad news my cat still hasn't coome back.But I did get two kittens. My kittens name is Daisy Duke. My brothers cat is Angus. He's (sixteen) my brother; he named Angus after a rockstar or something like that.I named my cat after Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. Oh ya i'm from New Hampshire and i'm 11!(hope I didn't bore you.

Sep 1 2005
You are possitivley RIGHT people can be so cruel to animals. I show too and i've been on sites were they kill the cow completely

Sep 1 2005
I'm so sad my cat Tinsel ran away and she's been gone for a month now I love her so much. One time when I was sleeping I woke up and Tinsel was on my back. Tinsel was my little PRINCESS!

Aug 26 2005
How do the bonsai kittens people live with them selves putting poor little kittens in little jars. THEY R CRULE BEASTES LOSERS I TELL U I HATE THEM HOW COULD THEY KILL A KITTEN FOR THERE OWN JOY!!! PUTTING CATS IN A JAR IS A CRIME VISIT THERE SITE and go to their guest book contact them and tell them how aweful they are. [Editors: Actually, we think the bonsai kitten site is just a joke, not for real. But still gross.] I have a kitten of my pwn and he died while my grandparents were watching him.(i was on a trip) he had a bladder infection. it was sad because when i got home they didnt seem upset or anything they just told me guess what george died -- i was horrified. [We're so sorry. Dear readers... note a bladder infection is very serious -- if your cat seems to have problems urinating, take him/her to the vets right away! And be careful who you have watch your pets!]

Aug 22 2005
hi, i'm kayti. my princess is an angel. everytime she sees me she'll run to me and meow and purr the whole way. she's adorable! so so cute!! cats rule!

Aug 16 2005
My cats name is Buddy. He is two years old this year. When we found him at a park, he was skinny and was hungry. We asked around the area to see if he belonged to anyone. No one claimed him, so we brought him home and gave him a bath, took him to the vet to get him fixed and declawed and became a member of our family! We love him! He plays alot with toys, balls and especailly string. He has a bed in my parents' room. He is my Buddy!

Aug 9 2005
I have a cat named Calico. Her name pretty much explains what she looks like. I think she is one of the sweetest cats ever. When she sees me, she starts running to me, meowing and purring all the way. It's adorable.

Aug 9 2005
My kitty ~Roxxy~ was playing by the fish tank and she fell in it! Roxxy enjoyed it, she loves the water. We could'nt get her out of the tank for 1 hour!!! After that we had to give her a bath because she smelled like fish. She liked the blow dryer. She tried to attack the blow dryer. That moment was so fun.

Aug 7 2005
Cat lover 2022
I have three kittens they are soooooo cute they are 4 months old they are very active at night i must tell you. their mother got hit by a car when they were 2 months old.

Aug 5 2005
our russian blue old momo cat (spoon) died after 12 years! she was hit by a tire I think. We found her on the side of our lawn after a neighbor told us. it looks like she had a tire go over her chest. She was throwing up blood clots and making light meows until I got her to the vets. Then her eyes were rolling back and I knew it was the end. They took her in the back and came out to tell me she was full of fractures and probably wouldn't make it. We never got to say good bye and they came out to tell us she was put down. lame! We never noticed any tears in her body untill we found one of her bones the next day on her blood in the road. that was so sad for us to know our old friend was so tore up. [Editor: We are so sorry for your loss. Our many condolences.]

Aug 2 2005
A few nights ago a blue car passed by and a black kitten came running after it. We named it Stevo. He has not stopped loving people just because a few people stopped loving him. He has now been accepted by both our dogs and both our black cats that lost their kitten.

Jul 23 2005
I have a pretty kitty, not named yet,she is part manx. well, one day she got into every thing in sight!!! she would run into my room when I opened the door, and wore herself out!! I was happy. she finally purred!!

Jul 20 2005
I have a cat named Duchess who is very silly at times. Last night we were watching Jurassic Park 2. Duchess was up on my pillow (as always). There was a scene were the T-Rex came to a boys window. Duchess ran up to the T.V. and acted like she would tear that dinosuar to shreds!

Jul 20 2005
My cat Simba was in the mood to get into everything one Saturday night. In our house we have little sticky bug catchers. Well... he got behind one of our couches and got one stuck on his tail. Hee...Hee...Hee. He was going in circles and looked like a tornado of fluff! We got it off and he was okay.

Jul 17 2005
My cat Clover had four adorably sweet kittens last month. Cream Puff is orange and fluffy. Bunny Paws is a gray tiger. Truffles and Tootsie are gray and white. [Editor: Those kittens sound so cute. But now please get Clover fixed. It's important!]

Jul 12 2005
One afternoon I was sitting in my bedroom looking out the window when my sister Debbie said, Is that Patches??. When I looked out the window, here my kitty comes looking all black when actually she was a calico. she fell into a bucket of car oil that was sitting next to the steps of the front porch. She was sleeping next to it and she jerked awake and SPLOOSH!! Into the bucket she went. My sister and I had to give her 6 baths that day. She was not very fond of us after that for a long time.

Jul 11 2005
I have a 4 month old kitten named Tiggie, he is a very funny at times,when he is tired he will suck on his blanket until he falls asleep, and other times he will curl up next to our 16 year old dog.

Jul 8 2005
Tori (cat lover)
I have two cats of my own. They are both very fat. Their names are Tiger and Blacky. Tiger looks like part tiger part leopard. That is why I named him Tiger also because he acts like a tiger. He can be wicked mean. Like sometimes if I walk by him he will attack my legs. Blacky is a black cat. she has a little white circle on her stomache. She is very shy. I named her Blacky because she is mainly all black. That is my cat story.

Jul 8 2005
I have a persian cat called Salt and a tabby cat called Pepper. They are mother and daughter. The sad thing is that Salt had a bad start to life which has made her very timid. We got them about 2 years ago after Salt was rescued from an evil man. This man used to kick her whenever she meowed and he didn't feed her so she kept meowing which ment she got kicked alot. She is alot better now but is still very timid. But we are giving her all the love she needs to start a new life and forget about her past life. Does anyone know how to help a very timid cat become a bit more brave? Please tell me if you do!

Jul 8 2005
On June the eleventh i had just cleaned out my parakeet cage and rushed off to the loo. Because i was in such of a hurry i left my living room door open and who should walk into the living room it was my frisky hyperactive kitten Pepper. She had been hassling the birds for weeks and now that i was gone she made her move. She jumped on top of the bird cage and both birds managed to get out. I had heard a bang but thought nothing of it but then Pepper ran past me so i rushed to the livingroom to find both birds on the floor twittering away and my clean bird cage on the floor. I tried to recapture the birds but as soon as i went chasing them they flew out of the window. This was bad news because i have a daughter called Lindsey and she loved those birds to bits. When she arrived home i took her straight into the living room and showed her that her birds had gone. My husband wanted to get rid of the cat but i told him not to because it would only cause further heartbreak for our daughter. ...

Jul 3 2005
On December 5, 2002, my mom and I caught a feral cat in a humane trap. He as a beautiful long hair with white and orange. His first 5 days at our house he hid in the ceiling only coming out when we weren't there. Good thing were patient, he began coming out when we were in teh room but he never came near us. My mom used tuna as bait to get him to eat out of our hands and eventually we could pet him while he ate- that was three months after we caught him. I was devistated when he got outside and disappeared for 2 weeks, but was grateful when he showed up one night crying in our driveway. Now Pepper(his name) will sit on my lap for hours and loves atention and grooming, more than our other cats! THis is just to prove that feral cats can be tamed and act just like an ordinary house cat.

Jun 30 2005
I used to have a very tough, large male cat named Pussy Gato. He spent most of his time out in the fields tormenting small animals and beating up all the cats in the neighborhood. He would not submit to taking pills. No matter how far down his throat I got one and how long I held his mouth closed and how much I stroked his throat, as soon as I let him go, he spat it out. One day I found he had an abscess above his tail from a cat fight. The doctor cleaned it out but it was very painful. The next morning he was crying, so I called the vet and he told me to give Gato 1/8 of an aspirin. I knew Gato wouldn't take it, so in desperation, I put the pill on the floor in front of him, tapped the floor, and said Eat this. He ate it. It must have tasted horrible, but he continued to take the pills (including his antibiotic) until his tail no longer hurt. Then, as usual, he refused. I swear that cat knew those pills were going to make him better.

Jun 24 2005
Well, i have a cat named Roxie and she is the most loving cat! we treat her like a princess! She may not be so thin but we still love her! she tends to act like a dog sometimes which is highly unusual for a cat but anyways she loves us and we love her! Oh, by the way she is a beautiful (part) Russian Blue and has orange spots and people say it looks like someone spilt bleach on her!Very funny for a gray cat!

Jun 18 2005
My cat, Dapples, is a very funny girl. She likes toes. If you stick your foot out, she'll sniff, lick and bite! It's so funny!

Jun 14 2005
Alyssa B.
My birthday is coming up towards the end of June. Of course, I wanted to have a party. I thought about what theme I wanted. Then I thought, well I do love cats, I have kitty posters, mouse pads, and 2 cats of my own. So I decided to have a cat party, and I knew just the brand of party kitty stuff. The Original The Cat Artist CollectionTM had everything I needed. Including invitations, napkins and forks, just everything. So I just wanted to say that this website has made me more a cat- lover than I ever was, and now that has inspired me to have this theme for my birthday party.

Jun 12 2005
I have a beautiful tortieshell, named Alice, she and i both share the same birthday! She's the most loving animal i`ve ever seen . . . She loves to hunt especially snakes and other little creatures. But i still love her with all my heart! She loves doing love bites, playing pretty, and talking a lot !! She's only 3yrs.old and i hope we have a long happy friendship through the years .

Jun 12 2005
we will spay snowball.

Jun 10 2005
Emily Beth
For 13 years, we begged my father for a cat. He kept refusing. We finally agreed to foster a cat for 3 months just to see if he would adjust to life with a cat. We adopted Graycie Belle at a local shelter, and apparently, that little fostered kitty has found her forever home. She has been with us for almost 3 years, and Dad is her greatest fan!

Jun 10 2005
I was eating some peanut butter right out of the container last night. I sat the container down and my cat Murray come up, stuck his nose in, and started licking! I took a little bit out and gave it to him and he ate it right up. I never thought a cat would like peanut butter, but Murray does!

Jun 1 2005
My cat Snowball just had babies on Sunday April, 10 2005. The babies were so cute. I named them all. I named the kittens Runaway, Calico, Blackie,Spotty, and Crybaby. My dad is going to send them to the adoption center so other people could adopt them. So that's how Snowball had her precious babies! [Editor: Please now get Snowball spayed so she doesn't have any more kittens -- there are too many unwanted kittens in the world. Please do this!]

May 31 2005
Alyssa B.
On memorial day weekend, I went to my Aunt's house. I was so looking forward to going because she had told me that she had just gotten a new black kitten named Maci. It was so crazy! Everything you put in front of her, she played with. But then, my Aunt said that she was looking for a sweet, loving cat, not this crazy, out of control one. So the next day they were going to get a play mate for Maci. And I got to pick it up from the place where it origonally came from and name it! I got a cute little calico kitten. I named it Malyssa. If you noticed, I wanted it to be my name in the first place, but my aunt wanted it to start with an M. So I just spelled it with my name in it. On the last day I was there, Maci and Malyssa were kissing up to me as if they knew it was my last day with them. Now, compared to my kitties, Maci and Malyssa are shrimps! But I miss them a lot after just 1 day!

May 23 2005
Alyssa B.
This is how I got my cat coco. I had just been on vacation with my grandparents, and it was the day I was going back home with my mom and dad. My little brother said that we had gotten a new black cat. When I got home, she was so affectionate and sweet toward me. She played with me, slept with me and even played tag with me. But it did get annoying when I was trying to do my homework and she sat on it. Also when she pounces on me. Now, she is a little bit wimpy, but that's a good thing. Since she is so afraid to go into the front yard, she will probably never get hit by a car! [Yes, please make sure she stays away from the road -- it only takes one time for a tragedy to occur.]

May 23 2005
I have a male cat it has realy bad ear mits(sp?) and it is a farm animal so we don't take it to the vet it is black and whit and is so cuddly though. what do YOU think we should do to cure it?Pleas help if you can. [Editor: Please make an exception about not taking barn cats to the vets and get some medical attention for the poor cat. How would you like to have untreated ear mites? At the very least call the vet and ask what you can do. And please also get those cats SPAYED AND NEUTERED -- there are too many unwanted kittens. PLEASE PLEASE do this!!!]

May 23 2005
I have some kittens and they are running all over the place now. there is a cute cuddley gray one it is the most active in the whole litter. it was from a calico cat we named her missy. *** she is soooooooooooooo cccccccccccccuuuuuuu-uuuuuutttttttttttttt-tteeeeeeeeee

May 23 2005
I have some kittens there are 4 of them a black one a gray one a wihte one and a black and white one there. 4 weeks and 6 days old, they were born from a stray cat of ours and the stray cat is a Calico cat.

May 17 2005
my cat tigger, one time she went outside. tiggy started to talk to this bird, took a big leap and there you go wam the bird is dead. next thing you know my mom comes and takes the bird away, then tigger starts running after her and trying to get the bird and eat it. she is sooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooo cute.

May 16 2005
My friend Tracy's cat Muffen had kittens three weeks ago, and when they're big enough I'm going to go and pick up the kitten that she let me pick out. I named her Misty, and she has black and white fur. I hope that when she gets bigger her fur will be as long as her mommy's, her mommy is so adorable. Anyways, one day when I went to visit, Misty had started walking already, and she walked right underneath a chair that was propped up against the wall, and she got stuck. It was so cute, because she didn't know what to do. Since she couldn't figure out how to get out on her own, Tracy had to get her out herself. It was really cute hearing all of her little meows.

May 10 2005
My cat Bitty is a Lavender colored cat that is realy cute

May 9 2005
I take care of about 14 stray cats at different stops on my way home each day. About 7 years ago, someone had left an adult Mainecoon at one of my stops. She had already been spayed and she was absolutely beautiful. I named her Gracie and she has become my favorite over the years. She was attacked by a large male cat a little over a week ago and had a wound that abcessed. I took her to my vet and she is healing wonderfully and being fostered by a friend of mine until she finishes her antibiotics. My problem is that I don't want to release her back outside where she was for fear that this would happen again. I am desperately searching for a good home for her. She is current on her vaccinations, is very sweet and loves attention. Please let me know if anyone would love her and give her a good home. My email is sharonl@rameyflock.c om.

May 6 2005
well my cat Naven R. Johnston and my doggy Moo, were in my living room playing one time and they were playing so hard that my cat was breathing hard, and I got worried and I didn't know what to do, so I put the dog outside and took the kitty to the vet ,and he was fine later. He just has a heart disorder.

May 4 2005
Moose, my cat.....or little kid in fur coat as I like to call him, is just that a little kid in a fur coat. He back talks, gets into trouble and is lots of fun. I was diagnosed with MS the same time as Moose decided to come and live with us. He seems to know when an attack is coming, and tries his hardest to help me as much as he can. I do not know what I would ever do if something ever happened to him

Apr 30 2005
MY two cats are very playful. Evry time I try to ride my bike around the block, they follow. Even though I go faster than them they still try to keep up. It's like follow the leader!!

Apr 30 2005
my old cat was killed by a car. 4 months l8ter a cat showed up on my mom's friend's porch, they kept him in their garage, but it got 2 cold there. they asked us if we would foster him 4 a few weeks, while his new owner moved in, finally they called, but we loved him 2 much so we kept him! And here's a poem for my old cat: Youre in a place where there are no honking cars, no barking dogs, and absouloutley no boundries, where u can run about free, without having to pay a fee. -Dedicated 2 Tara we miss u

Apr 23 2005
My old cat smokey was a silly kitty.He used to go on top of the fridge. Every day he would see the lamp fan pull shaking along with the fan and out of curiosty he would jump down from the fridge trying to catch the lamp pull. boy was he a silly kitty but we loved him all the same

Apr 22 2005
My kitty is so cute, his name's willie and he's almost a year old and he does the funniest things for a cat as small as him. he's already hyper in the night so to make him go crazy, the key is catnip -- he will eat it and jump around in circles all around the house. it's hilarous and what's even funnier is that whenever you throw a toy at him he attacks it like a lion would his prey! He's so cute but gets destructive! that's when i call him my mini destroyer!

Apr 18 2005
I got a new kitten that was going to be named Blossom, but we named her Macey. She is a girl kitty and has white fur. She is longhaired and she likes to play with our older cat named Lucky- Meco. Her middle name is Nikki and she has another middle name that is called Hilton. Nikki Hilton!! Paris'es sister! Her middle name is Nikki Hilton because she has the same face shape!!- as Nikki Hilton!!

Apr 17 2005
My sister has a cat named Janie. One day Janie saw a ball sitting on the floor that Sis had just gotten. It's one of those balls that light up and make noise when it gets hit hard. Well, the first time Miss Janie batted the ball against something, she got a big surprise! She had the funniest look on her face like What in the world was that?!.

Apr 17 2005
My cat Junior is absolutly hilarious!! Sometimes when he gets scared by a sudden noise (which is quite often) he jumps up and freezes with his eyes as big as dinner plates! Then if you jump towards him, he takes off running around the whole house! Once he ran around the house 10 times before he finally stopped. I was laughing so hard that I was practicaly crying! You should have seen him!!!!

Apr 16 2005
Hi, I have some bad knews-Kit-Kat's gone Missing, I am still looking in shelters though! If you see a cat with one bolging eye and a part on his neck that is just skin and is a large orange American Shorthair- he's not a stray! He was going to get his eye removed! And his neck was heeling!!! If you see him bring him to the closest shelter to Overland Park, KS (Kansas) Please Help Me if you can!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 16 2005
i was at home and my friend was spending the night. We were watching a movie when we heard something meow. we went to see what it was and standing on my window ledge was a small cat. at first I was totally freaking out, and then my sister named him oscar, just for fun, and my friend fed him tuna, so he wouldn't leave. well now his name is still oscar and he still lives with us 2 years later, only now he is FAT!,but we still luv him

Apr 14 2005
Kitty lover
My cat Kaeko absolutely HATES water more than any cat in the entire world. One time my little sister was taking a bath and she left the door open a crack. Kaeko, as curious as he is, went into the bathroom and splashed into the bathtub without knowing it was full of water. He just sat there, stunned and soaked. After that experience, he now LOVES water! He is soooo cute!!! (along with silly!)

Apr 13 2005
Marisa A.K.A catlvr
it is so cute when my cat turns himself into a puff of fur in a little ball and he is sooo cute with his cute green eyes staring right at me and he does it every day.

Apr 13 2005
Once, Tiger was playing with his toy as I held it by its stick (the toy was a feather dangling from a stick)a nd he tried to jump up and get it and he lost his balance and down he went! It was SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!You should have seen him!

Apr 13 2005
My cat Mia is a real hyper kitty! Day and night she will chase around her mouse toys, and she will even play fetch! When I was 8 I threw her favorite toy down our hallway, and she brought it back, jumped onto the couch, and dropped it into my outstretched hand. We have played this with her ever since! It's really cute. She also LOVES to climb on our refriderator.

Apr 10 2005
I remember my cat Bailey. He was so weird and lazy after we got him fixed. He used to go up to a bag of quilt stuffing, or any soft plastic and lick it. It was so funny just to hear it and go, What is THAT?.

Apr 4 2005
Training a Human Pet (From a cat’s point of view) Hi! My name is Snowflake Marie Baby Doll Prucha: Snowflake for short. I’m 4 years old and I’m a pure white Turkish Angora with one blue eye and one green eye. I have been training my human pet since I was six weeks old and I have my Momma, my pet’s name, wrapped around my paws. My human pet is at my beck and call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as a result of my training her in three stages: Kitten Hood, Adolescence with an Attitude, and Reigning with Regal Elegance. The first stage is “Kitten Hood.” You begin by being cute and adorable as soon as you meet your new human pet. You should purr often, play with your pet, and sleep on your pet to capture her undivided attention. I have slept on my pet from the start, and my human pet won’t move for hours in order not to disturb my sleep. When playing with your pet, be sure to be bouncy and jump high to make your pet laugh. Also at playtime, be sure to play with the toys ...

Apr 3 2005
My cat Princess has a tabby heart on her chest, a tabby tail, and a tabby head. The rest of her is calico. Except her tummy. It is snow white! We call it the tummy of love. Now, let me tell you some of the things that my ADORABLE kitty does. She climbs up the stairs from the back. Not the way we climb it, but from the back of the stairs! And every time, when she's gotten to the step of her choice, she sticks out her leg! And it's always the same leg! When that happens, my brother, mom, dad, and sometimes babysitter runs over and starts rubbing her leg! She knows she is the ruler of the house, so she takes advantage of it while she can!

Apr 2 2005
At one point in time my boyfriend and I had 12 cats. We had to move and could only have one pet. A good friend of ours lived out in the country and agreed to take them all. His mother was a cat lover and had built a kat shack in their back yard for all the cats to live in. The mother cat was named Chica. I had her for 2 1/2 years. We decided to keep my boyfriend's cat Hector after much heartache and talk. We went to see our kitties regularly. Anyway, Chica turned up missing after a few days. About a month later my boyfriend stopped at a gas station we rarely went to. There, sitting next to the ice bin was Chica! He went inside to ask about her and the worker said she had been hanging around for about 2weeks. She was only 2 blocks from our old house! My boyfriend of course brought her home and I have been trying to make it up to her ever since! I will never leave her again! She traveled over 5 miles to get back to us!

Apr 1 2005
When Tiger plays with one of his toys he is so funny! He runs around the porch like he's a cheetah or something!It is fun to watch him pounce on his fake mice!

Mar 31 2005
Once,I had a towel draping over the arms of two chairs sitting across from each other.Snowflake was snoozing under it.Tiger started chewing on our owl plant that was sitting on the arm of one of the chairs , so my mom yelled Stop it!Then Tiger tried to walk on the towel and....PLOP!MEOOOOW!! Tiger fell right on top of Snowflake!

Mar 31 2005
Snowflake is my buddy, She is very cuddly. Tiger is my pal, And he likes to howl.

Mar 31 2005
I was brushing Tiger, since it was spring (cats shed in the spring),and when I was done, there was hair all over the pillow, the couch, and even my arms!

Mar 31 2005
Every Saturday when I let my cat Snowflake in, I don't know why, but she just loves to run around the house like, crazy! When I look at her eyes, they're as big as they are at nightime! It is sooooo funny!

Mar 31 2005
We got Tiger declawed, because he kept climbing on the screen to catch bugs or lizards. But he still tries to climb on the screen but he just falls right back down!

Mar 25 2005
My cat, Tiger, is my best friend. She has beautiful green eyes and is an American Short Hair, which in my eyes is the classic cat. We found her two summers ago (she'll be two in June). She was one of the kittens in the litter from a stray who was the neighborhood breeder. She's a wonderful, affectionate, well-behaved cat and loves to play with anything foamy such as those cylindrical ear plugs, (which she drops in front of me as if it's a dead mouse), and marshmallows! We came home tonight and found that she attacked an almost-full bag of mini marshmallows. The bag was laying on the basement floor. And she likes to play Kitten Surprise, where she purposely scampers under the bed or some other low hiding place for the sheer pleasure of ambushing your feet. Even though she's full grown, her face at times has a kitten look to it. I'm so happy we have her.

Mar 24 2005
my cat has walked on his two [feet?] all the ways to his bowl and that would be a minute. He chases his tail, and pees when any one gos to the bathroom -- he'll pee in the tub

Mar 23 2005
CFK Editor
Try using an old tennis shoe shoelace instead of yarn as a cat toy. Cats love to chase and bite shoelaces, but shoelaces don't split into fibers the way yarn does, which makes shoelaces safer toys for cats to play with.

Mar 22 2005
My cat Harvey is a really good hunter cause he brought home a squirel, my other friends cat Guz is funny because he has a really funny miaow!!!!!!

Mar 21 2005
Editer, when I told you about pumpkin bighting the strings-she chews on them-Not eat them! Can you now tell me if it is safe or not-because she dosn't eat the yarn! [Editor: Not eating is OK, but you have to make sure chewing doesn't turn in to eating by accident.]

Mar 20 2005
My cat Soxie has an interesting tail. Well I was visiting my aunt's house and as soon as we got there, I noticed a cat. He was grey and white on the tummy. My aunt had said that he wasn't their's and that he had been there on their front steps for two weeks already. The next day me and my family thought that he was so cute, that we had to take him home. The first day he was with us he acted like he had been with us the whole time. At night when we are all sitting around watching T.V., Soxie makes his rounds through out the whole family and now we don't regret taking Soxie home. He is a joy to the whole family.

Mar 20 2005
My cat is so odd, when he eats any of his treats, he goes bezerk! he attacks everything and especially my leg!

Mar 20 2005
My cat Precious, aged 2, is soooo cute. She's small for her age, not big around the shoulders, and she only weighs 9lb. But I don't care, Precious is the most loving cat you could ever have. She also goes mad sometimes, chases her tail. It's really funny when she does that! Paws and Preston-Priskus, my 1-year-old cats, are coming on well, too. They start purring like trains at the slightest touch. Although Precious is 11 months older than Paws and Preston and they sometimes growl or hiss at each other, they're good friends and sometimes sleep together.

Mar 18 2005
I have 2 cats. Their names are Bubba and Anna. Bubba is orange and anna is white and gray. They are my best friends. My sister and dad gave them to me and I've been like their mom ever since. I love them so much. They always mean the world to me. We are just one happy family.

Mar 18 2005
Well my cat tiger loves to jump up on top of my birds cage and he sleeps there it is really funny coz my bird pecks at him then runs away!!!

Mar 18 2005
I have 8 kittens -- my favourite kitten is called clover-lee.....clover has for different colours on her. I raised 8 kittens on my own.

Mar 15 2005
Hi, my cat is so funny. my cat chases my bird and the dog chases the cat. it is cool. i love him. p.s. His name is Leo

Mar 15 2005
My cat is very funny, It chases after her bunny. My cat is very mad, She goes crazy when its on ads. My cat is very messy, and her name is cessie...

Mar 11 2005
my cat Kiki was abandoned by her mom. Until my grandpa found her. Then he gave it to me. My dad wanted to throw her away,I said no. So he listened to me. I was happy! And thats my story about Kiki!

Mar 10 2005
Kittens are lovable - I can't get enough of them - Tremendously -adorable - Tiny and cute - Ya have to see em - Cuddly, sweet, fluffy - And They sleep all day and play all night

Mar 9 2005
Daylene (designated cat lover)
I love my Little Fluffy One . She sometimes curls into a ball and you wouldn't know if she were a cat or a pillow. she loves to be petted and pampered and is a very high maintenance cat. she is sitting on my lap right now. one time I was on a Tamora Peirce chat room and Hariet jumped on the key board. She was so cute!! she loves her couch-like scratching post, it's her own, I have my chair, my brother has the two seater couch and my mom has the three seater couch. She was so cute, I can't beleive that she had been to the same pound three times in the past year! They were going to put her down when I got her, my mom had gone in the day before and looked at the cats, Hariet caught her eye, she came home and asked me, I said yes of course, and she said the day she went to get her: if that cat is still there my daughter is meant to have her, when she got there they had to take my little fluffy one out of the back room. She is so cute and Fluffy I can no longer imagine not having her ...

Mar 7 2005
One of my favorite storys to tell is when Pumpkin plays with his yarn! He looks so funny chewing and nibeling the yarn tell there is no more left! One day when I got Pumpkin a new yarn ball, he chewed it all day long and night long! The next day the yarn was almost all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!

Mar 7 2005
When Butterscotch was about seven months old, I got him. When he was three he suffered from noneminer problems on his eye, his cheek, and his foot. He also had a cat disease. It was all because of fighting! Not with my other cats! But, with the strays! He could never see in his eye ever again after fighting. Now he is getting his eye removed and has no more cat deseases or problems or anything axcept his eye, he is all right!!!!!!!!!

Mar 7 2005
I have seven cats now and I used to have a lot more! One of my fluffiest longhaired cat's name is Pumpkin. She is the most biggest and looks like a lion because she is a Main Coon. Her favorite thing to do is play with large yarn balls and tear off the strings with her mouth! It is really cute to see her do that! [Editor: Yes, it is cute, but it's not a good idea to let your cat play with yarn because he/she can eat it. It is important to prevent your cat from eating yarn or string or rubber bands. These can do serious internal damage and require surgery to remove.]

Mar 7 2005
One day, one of my cats, Precious, was on the deck until a huge dog came! The dog actually made very good friends with Precious! They have always been best friends since that day!

Mar 7 2005
Yesturday was my cat, Kit-Kat's birthday! He turned 4 years old today!

Mar 7 2005
I have had a lot of cats and only cats in my life and I am only 9 years old!! All there names were Mya, Crazycat,Blackcat, Blacky, Brownie, Mr.Wiggles, Princess, Lucey, Abigail, Sissy, Winer, Coocoo, Tabby, Gladiater,Preicous,Nacey,- Katie, Pee macene, Lucky, Tatertout, Monkey, Spot, Brownish Babey, Cutie, Sassy, Tulips, Nathaniel, Shining-Cat-Of-Love, ButterScotch, Kit-Kat, LittleKitty, Kitten-Love, another Rachael! Lolly, Keni, Munchkin, Pumpkin, Rocko, Basoonska, Sharon, Sara, Lindsey, Chady, Gourgoues Grey One, Tina, Camera Koala, Even-Bay, Reese, PeanutButter, Fellow, Tereasa, Nine-Lives, Friskie-Fellow,Elaila, and seven kittens that we didn't name from Mya. Oh yah and Meco! Also we are getting a new kitten named Blossom!!!!! All those cats were mine!!!!!

Mar 7 2005
One day, one of our cats, Kit-Kat, was going to get a new stepbrother, Meco,when they met they hissed, now thankfully they stopped! Also, now we are getting a new kitten to be a sister to both of them. Her name is Blossem!!!!!

Mar 6 2005
I have a cat called Jazz. When he was given to my mum for a birthday present, my dad called him Jazzmine. Then they went to the Vets and found he was a boy. Anyway. He must be the oldest cat ever to chase his tail on a sofa only to fall off. He does this, Jazz. I mean, he's 15yrs old and still chases worms and tries to hide in snow( he's VERY dark brown ). So...yeh. He MUST be the stupidest, silliest cat i know. What about you?

Mar 5 2005
Cat Lover #1
Just so you know my uncle's cat is having kittens any day, and guess what? We get one... free!!!!!! We're going on a trip to Withita, Kansas to see the kittens when they are born in approximmetly 4 days!!! Hope to see them soon!!!!!!!!!!! We are also getting the kitten to be a friend to our other kitten that is seven months old named,Meco! He is a siamese cat anyway so we tried to come up with a Japanese name! It just goes to show you that when I watched tv it said that Meco ment sunshine!!!!

Mar 5 2005
I have a kitty story to tell you! One day, actually just a few days ago, our seven month old kitten peed on everything! After a day we couldn't take it! (He was marking his territory) We decided to let him outside. Now he is always meowing to get outside! Its really annoying. But we are getting him neutered in a couple of days so he won't pee on everything all the time!!!!

Mar 5 2005
One day in September, we found an article in the newspaper about frisky little kittens. We had to get one. They were free anyway! So, we got a kitten that was supposed to be a girl to have kittens with our other cat, but guess what? The next morning we realized the kitten was a five month old boy!!!!! But it was too late to bring him back! Even though he is still a boy, we don't care!!!!

Mar 4 2005
Well my sister was having a bath when my cat jumped up on to this rail we have above the bath. there was a towel on top of the rail like so. a few miniutes later the towel started to slip. we always tell jaipur our cat to get down. then he sliped in. from now on he never goes up.

Mar 4 2005
I have five cats and many, many stories. My most michevious cat, Blaze contributes the most of my cat 'tails'. He is always getting into something and he likes to STEAL THINGS! Pens, jewelry, silverwear, makeup brushes, anything he can carry really. One time one of my mom's friends was over and she made the mistake of taking off her braclet when she ate, and of course it wasn't where she put it when she went to leave. She started acting like maybe one of us hid it as a joke. (She was very partial to this particular bracelet and it was very expensive.) I immediately yelled BLAZE! and went to find him, sure enough, under my bed--there he was. Playing with not only her bracelet, but my long lost fuzzy pen and a marble! The little klepto! LOL, but we all love him anyway. Maybe I'll share another story sometime.

Mar 2 2005
My cat Wisdom is playfull and loving. When she was a baby she looked like a cotton-ball. Now she's about to have kittens that are going to be cute. If there is a big fat one I'm going to name it Van or Truck.I hope there going to be cute. Cause the mom is cute all the way. [Please get your cat spayed after the kittens are born! Editor]

Mar 1 2005
HI!!!I got a cat named Wisdom she loves to play like chase the string around the house. She looks like a cotten ball running around the house!! She is so, so cute

Mar 1 2005
Sarah 3/1/05
HI!!! My cat Wisdom loves to play with cotten balls. She is so cute. I think she is a tabby cat. Cause she is ornge and white.

Feb 28 2005
My cats name was Lost-One she was a wild cat. She didn't like people holding her. One day I picked her up and Lost-One stuck her nail in my ear. It hurt soo much I let go of her and she was dangling from my ear. My mom came and herd me screaming so she took Lost-One away. A few years after the incident we moved and left the back door open and she ran away. THE END

Feb 28 2005
My story is about Max - He is a tabby, 6 years old this March and his sister, Maggie - (from the same litter). They are truly our little puff balls Maggie, is very vocal - -says, MaMa when she wants a treat..(no kidding)and Max loves to play beek-a-boo - and patty cake! The patty cake was easier when he was little enough to lay on my lap (on his back) and then patty cake. Now it has to be while he sits on my lap. They are our babies...we love them - -hair balls and all!

Feb 26 2005
Skippy The Catperson
I have 3 cats. Precious, Paws and Preston-Priskus. Precious will be 3 in September, she is a tortoiseshell tabby. Paws and Preston-Priskus are non-identical twins, Paws is a black tabby and Preston is a ginger tabby. They will be 2 in August. Precious follows me everywhere I go, she has done since she was 6 months old and allowed to go outside. Paws and Preston do this also, and they can stand on the door handle and open it! WOW! Precious cannot do this, she has not sussed it out yet, but she scratches the door where it opens, and she miaows loudly, so she is clever in her own way.

Feb 23 2005
My name is Leandra and my precious kitten is Star. Here is our story... Star is a very well loved part of my family, my boyfriend and his three daughters ages 2, 4, and 10 have always prided ourselves on how important providing for and loving all our animals is to us. From routine exams, vaccinations, and proper nutrition and hygine. We have a 9 yr. old cat named Cleo, a 7 month old kitten named Pepper ; who was a rescue addition at Christmas time. ( We heard a meowing from under our house and found an extreamly emanciated scarred little guy who needed us. I might add he is Star's best friend and playmate, )Cleo isn't as playfull as she used to be, but our vet Dr. Pete was amazed at her physical condition for her age. Dana is our 9 yr. old dog who was also a local Humane Society rescue from a breeder who overbred her. She was confiscated at 6 yrs. old and adopted by Michael, my boyfriend afterwards. Dana loves cats!! ....

Feb 23 2005
My cat Koneko (that means kitten in japanese) is a grey tabby. we found her meowing at the door as a kitten and took her in. she loves milk, food and will eat anything....maybe she's part goat. she bites sometimes, but it doesn't hurt, at least not for me. she DOES bite the other faimly members with meaning somtimes, but she has never hurt me. she can be very aloof and very affectionate. i love her! she's my baby, and right now she's pregnant! [Please get your kitty fixed after this litter -- it's important! Editor]

Feb 22 2005
my cat molly did a whole flip in the bath tub, with her toy still in her mouth

Feb 18 2005
i found a cat and hes name is kitty kitty. i called him that name because when we found him we called kitty kitty and he came to me. i am tring to get another cat but that must be VERY and i mean VERY wild. my cat was hurt but when we found him we made sure we cared for the scars on him. i sure know that my cat kitty kitty has a good home here and he will always have a good home at my house.

Feb 17 2005
Roxie is still really funny! I love her so much. She's got to be at least 2 years old. We got her an awsome new collar. It's pink camoflauge. We got it from petsmart. Now thats an awsome store! Roxie has gotten really soft. That is since we've been petting her. She also got fat. When she sits down she looks like a triangle. But thats o.k. We still love her.

Feb 14 2005
My cat smokey is a stinker she will go into the hall closet and steal the little bags of food. She will sneak in, move the iron and a board game and bite a hole in the bag and spread it all around to share with the other cats. she does not like it in her bowl; it's more fun to get it herself.

Feb 13 2005
my cat's name is Tifa. I like to sniff her hip to make her bite me, but I don't care if she does. I love her anyway-and plus I'm going to send a preview of this and enter their contest;

Feb 9 2005
one time my cat shadow went outside when it was dark and this was usual. but later that night when we were all going to bed we went to bring him back in and couldn't find him anywhere. i was really worried but luckily he showed up the next morning.

Feb 8 2005
my cat abby will be all happy and snuggly and then all of sudden she bites at you and then she wants you to pet her again. oh well she's still the cutest abby tabby ever!

Feb 8 2005
my cat shadow will sit on your lap if you have a blanket on you and if your hand is under the blanket he will start to bite at it. he is so cute

Feb 1 2005
my cat Ezekiel is the cutest, funniest and laziest cat you'll ever meet. he's so fat because he eats a lot of human food. he loves ham, apples, yogurt,bannanas, icecream, peaches and rootbeer. it's so funny watching the big fluffy black cat do funny stuff like roll on his back and stretch his front and back legs. he's so cute. he even has freckles on his face and is so friendly around kids and loves the attention.

Feb 1 2005
My two kittens are really funny, usually after cats use the litter box they dust their paws off. well my two are really funny because they dust their paws off when they are done eating too. Cute little babies of mine

Feb 1 2005
On christmas day me and my family had just finished opening our presents and we had noticed something missing, our cat! We searched everywhere even the train tracks to see if he had been run over then we remembered the shed. as soon as we opened the shed door he came running out as if to say 'hey you forgot about me'!

Jan 30 2005
one day when i got home from school i was looking 4 my cat jupiter, he wasnt around, then i saw the back door open, i later found out my cat had run away, i looked and looked around 4 ever ,that night then i gave up around 6:00 i went home broken hearted, to find my cat sitting on my door step shivering from cold. then he looked at as if 2 say, arent u gunna open the door?

Jan 30 2005
Hi!! its me again, this time im here to talk about Tabby Angel's son (he got put down 3 years before Angel because of heart failure). well i have athsma so i need a humidifier for my room when i sleep. Every night Tabby would wait for my mom to turn it on and when she did he watched the bubbles like it was a one time joy!!! He did this every night for almost 14 years!!! Its so cute!!! R.I.P. Tabby you are greatly missed and loved!!!!

Jan 29 2005
Once my kitty named carot ran away. I looked every were, but I couldn't find him. But after three months (yes THREE months) he came back! And that's my story and it's the truth!

Jan 26 2005
My old cat angel (we had to put her down cause she was really sick) loved ice-cream and once and a while i would let her lick my bowl for a treat she made this hilarious sound as if saying mmmmmmmmmmm. my mom thought she was a crazy cat because of this plus she loved taking showers with me R.I.P Angel you are greatly loved for now and forever!!!!!

Jan 24 2005
My cat loves it when my mum washes all the towels because if it is raining outside, my mum will hang the towels around the house to dry. Anyway she usually hangs a couple over some chairs and my cat will immediately climb onto the wet towel and sleep there for hours. He hates water but loves wet towels! Afterwards he will stink of wet cat but he seems okay about it!

Jan 24 2005
The other day I was sick. I sat up in bed and threw up. When my mom came into my bedroom to get my dirty blankets, my cat Lilac was covered in puke! And she was licking it! EW!

Jan 21 2005
my cat gorbie is crazy and eats everything!!! if anyone wants to speak to a crazy cat owning person then talk to me on this site.

Jan 17 2005
I have this cat named Noel, she's charcoal and part Siamese. Ever since she was a kitten she's gotten into the habit of jumping on top of the refridgerator. When she does so and my family's eating at the table she'll lay on her back and look at the food upside down! It's hilarious!

Jan 17 2005
My cat Summer sounds like she can bark!When she meows she meows as if a dog were the one meowing! My babysitter said my cat has some weird power. Introducing canine-kitty!

Jan 17 2005
One day my sister and I were watching tv when we heard our mum screaming for us. We ran upstairs wondering what was the matter when my mum ushered us quickly towards my sister's bedroom door.My cat Summer's (that's her name) paw was caught in between the door and the door frame.Instantly my sister was running around the house crying and totally losing control. This scared the kitten and she became more frightened. I made my sister go downstairs and then I went to get my neighbor to help my mum try to get the poor kitten's paw out. My neighbor rushed over to my house but I had to stay at his house to watch his daughter while he was gone. My sister came to get me and told me everything was alright and the kitten was okay. In the end everything worked out.

Jan 16 2005
My cat is a calico and she is so sweet i have always wanted a cat.They are my favorite animal in the world i am glad God made them. when i got Zoe my cat they said they found her in a dumpster at a constuction site. it was soo sad. The reason i picked Zoe is because she came over to me and licked my nose! My parents were scared for me to pick her because she was sick. But i gave her her medicine and she became better. It soo funny because if i run upstairs she will chase me and atack me! I love Zoe soo much! I am her mommy and she treats me that way too!~she is my baby girl~! her middle name is Angel because she is an Angel sent from God to bless me!

Jan 15 2005
my cat emily has a heart shaped nose.

Jan 14 2005
#1 Cat love!
My old cat, she was the cutest. But she didn't like anyone but me in my aunts family. Oh and just so you know she's still alive i just had to move and couldn't take her with me. But anyway, it was like we could talk to each other! (She ws a street cat before I begged my Aunty to take her in. I use to live with my aunt but i had to move.) But sometimes she would play tricks on me! like once I came home after school and checked on her to see how she was cause she had been hiding in the garage where we kept her cause we had other cats in the house and we didnt know how they'd get along! And it was in the middle of winter but there was a heater in there for her to keep her water thaw and her warm. But we hadnt seen for awhile. So on that day was calling her and she appeared in the raffters and I thought she was stuck! s I SAID It's okay baby, I'll get you down! Don't worry! and she had a amused look in her eyes! I turned to leave but then she meowed as if to tell me to stay! So I stopped ...

Jan 13 2005
my cat emily is my moms baby. she sleeps on my moms lap and cuddles up to my mom when she's sick.

Jan 12 2005
Jayme (age 11)
My cat is obssed with pens you can flick one then she will go and a chase it is so funny.

Jan 10 2005
my kittywoo marbelina has a squeaky meow. she meows when i get home as if to greet me. she is devoted to me. marbelina is my best friend.

Jan 9 2005
Just before christmas in the dead of a canadian winter, not one but two kittens were abandoned. Scared and alone they found a helping hand. I am happy to say that we have decided to keep these kitties. Welcome home Mittens (black polydactly) and Gemini (gray tabby).

Jan 9 2005
I have 3 cats all persians. Each one has their own personalities. Casper, Jasper and Luke are their names. The funny thing I want to share is Casper's love for pizza, we have it every friday and he gets has to have a slice too. He actually makes a sound that would make you think he says thank you -- believe me it's weird.

Jan 7 2005
I just bought a 3-month old kitten named Tiger. He always follows me. One night he didn't want to go to sleep. I was reading in my bed and then suddenly there was a big thing that tried to get up on my bed. It was sssooo cute! Tiger also hunts me. ALOT!

Dec 31 2004
I have two 7 yr. old cats that grew up together (as I undertood when I got them). One is a Tabby and One is a Tonkinese (siamese family). I got them two and a half years ago and since then, they have touched and fulfilled my life. Anyway, their original names are Corkey and Jackie but I renamed them Schizo and Squeaker. Reason being is because Schizo(tabby) runs at the slightest movement and Squeaker(Siamese) squeaks insetead of meows. Thank you girls for making life interesting...I love you both.

Dec 29 2004
The first time brought my cat dallas home I was so happy. I picked her up and hugged her she looked at me and it seem like she was thinking boy do I really have to live with her. So the when I looked up I saw that we where home and I said,dallas welcome to you new home. We walked in and her eyes shined with delight she ran into the dining room and I swear she smelt every inch of the room. The next day my dad's friend came over and she had brought a toy for dallas. Then the next day we opened it and I threw it down the stairs(by accedent) and forgetting that she wasn't use to the stairs yet. Dallas made the first couple of stairs and then crash her back foot had gone up then came her other foot, and she had rolled down the stairs. and you know how they say cats always land on their feet well I don't belive that now -- she landed smack on her bottom. She sat on the floor for two seconds in disbelief then got up and bounced right at that toy.

Dec 29 2004
My kitty has a bad habit. When I found him by the dumpster, that night I found out his bad habit. Well, he comes on the bed and I pet him. He purrs and lays on me ans licks the coller of my shirt. He also kneads on me. My mom absoloutely HATES IT!!!

Dec 29 2004
I used to have a female kitty. She was fixed and everything. One night, my mom let her out on our upstairs apartment balcony as always. She ran away that night and never came back. Then one day I heard meowing, my sister and my mom came downstairs, and there by the dumpster was a small black kitten.I named it Witty. We kept it, and it became crazy, and it bites everyone, but sadly when we move in my mom's boyfriend's house, we have to give him away to my grandpa in Utah, and I live in California. Good luck Witty!!!

Dec 29 2004
santina tiny-for-being-fullgrown kitty named storm cuddles with me at night. she licks my face,nibbles on my ear, and nurses on my teddy bear!!! its just darling!!!

Dec 23 2004
My kitten (later named Bandit - he really was a wild one) had this Siamese obsession with heights and was a real pro at knocking things to the floor. Best achievement - knocking down a vase and then a casette player into the spilled water, and looking sooo sorry and frightened when found guilty :) He also had a thing for my computer (chasing cursor on screen, sleeping wrapped around it, masaging his back on my keyboard...). If he was asleep on the desk while I was typing his legs would twitch in a really funny way :) Also he loved to watch pigeons fly past my window and imagining he was a hunter. Half of the time they scared him like hell :) Ohh there's just too much anecdotes to squeeze in!

Dec 21 2004
My neighbor told me that her boss had kittens for sale. So she promised me one in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later she called, she said she gave the kitten to her boyfrend. Then, my heart broke. I ran upstairs crying. My mom came upstairs and told me that we could adoupt a kitten at the VCA. I was so happy! When i saw her i chose her right away. I decided to call her Bella, because she was so beautiful.

Dec 20 2004
Hi, I found a pure white kitten about 5 weeks old in a paper bag along the road on December 15th. I live in Western Maryland where it is cold and snowy. I took the kitten to the vets and they made her better. She is lovable in every way. I named her Snowy and she is a added blessing to my Family. Thank you

Dec 19 2004
I think it's the custest thing with my cat, Rascal, climbs up on the stair railing outside and looks in the door. He always has a sarcastic look on his face like Let me in already!

Dec 18 2004
My husband found a yellow striped kitten at work and decided we had room for one more. He was 6 wks old and very cute the first 3 days. Our other 4 cats tolerated him because he was so little. We named him Frank. On day four he showed his true personallity! Mean! He would leap on the back of every cat like a mountain lion. Although he weighed 15 oz he would bring down the whole heard until they were all hiding on the tops of cabinets. Frank is now 2yrs old and weighes 29 lbs. He is my sweetest lap cat ever. My other 4 cats are safe now because they can all out-run him.

Dec 14 2004
My daughters cat Bagera woke me up one night crying loudly outside my 6 year old daughter's bedroom door. When I opened her door he ran to her bed and stood over her meowing loudly. When I checked on her I realized she was wheezing and was having an asthma attack. I quickly hooked up her nebulizer and gave her a breathing treatment. She needed several more breathing treatments through the night and next few days and Bagera stayed very close to her while she was recovering. To this day I can always tell when she is ill by watching her cat Bagera and how he is acting around her. If he seems to stick like glue to her I know something is wrong even before I can detect the symptoms Bageras keen hearing enable him to pick up on the slightest change in her breathing pattern.

Dec 12 2004
I got a cat on 12/10/04.His name is Duelly. He is the best, and first cat. His name was gotten when his second owners found him under a truck called Duelly. Then his second owners were moving, so they gave him to us. I'm so crazy of him, I was wasting time trying to find out what breed he is.

Dec 12 2004
I have two cats, they are sisters and littermates. They are named Scarlett and Graycie, they got their names because I love Ohio State and that's their school colors. One day every time I went to the kitchen Graycie was on the counter, I would put her down on the floor and tell her no! Finally after the fourth time I realized she was eating a loaf of bread that was on the counter. She had bitten through the plasic and was chowing down on the bread. Scarlett is a mitten kitten, she has thumbs on her front paws. She is the sweetest little thing, most of the time. She likes for me to hold her like an infant and rock her to sleep. When she doesn't want to be messed with though, look out, she went into jungle mode on her vets assistants face because she didn't want to be held. She has never done it to me, but she did try it on my husband once, but never has again. Probably because he learned really quickly (haha) when to leave my baby alone!

Dec 11 2004
I was named after my uncle's cats and have always loved cats. I now have a kitten named Triska who loves pizza. She was sitting on my lap during lunch and started liking my fingers and trying to get my pizza. Just for fun I let her like my fingers and have some pepperoni, and she loves it.

Dec 6 2004
This is about my cat Sinder, He was the best cat ever, he would come in my room. He loved to eat cold turkey with me on Thanksgiving. that was the first cat that i ever had that liked cold turkey with me. i miss him -- he is in heven now. R.I.P Sinder

Dec 3 2004
I like cats. they are the best animals on the planet. I have cats named sassy, smokey, and tajima. Smokey is very fat. I love my cats very much, they are the best!!!!!!! bye

Dec 2 2004
Our son's kitten, Stripes loves to hop in the fridge when ever we open it. He will sit on the bottom shelf looking at you saying, yeah, so what's here to eat and you can close the door and he would probably sit there all day, but I'm not that mean.

Nov 24 2004
Susannah T.
My 10 year old sister, Julia, and her friend, Em, were playing in Julia's new room yesterday when Em said she felt like someone was staring at them. They were really scared until they saw who was in the doorway...Julia's cat, Lea!

Nov 20 2004
My old cat Shugar would Walk up to our older cat look at him and meow like the appocalipse is happaning! Then Spice would run up behind her and pounce. Shugar would jump on the couch and rock-climb up the blanket and stand on the back of the couch. Spice would copy her, Pounce and then they'ed fall off the back of the couch! They would then get back on the top of the couch. Zoomer would be done watching them and finaly get on the sitting part of the couch. And then when the kittens would try and get down, the blanket would fall on all of them. They would've done this every night if we hadn't hadto give them away becouse i got all alergic to the kittens. We weren't allergic to Zoomer. He's still alive to day and he is about 14 years old. I have allergie pills and now i have my own kitten. (its so cute!) My sister has 1, too. along with my parents,they have Zoomer. Shadow, Midnight, and Zoomer all get along fine.

Nov 16 2004
I have a cat Meaw that seemed to disapear for 1 week. But because of the blizzard we didn't really notice. When the blizzard finished I went to the garage to get my sled. She rushed out to eat, when she finished eating she ran to me and meawed at me to follow her. I followed her back to the garage to fined 5 dead kittens and 1 alive. The alive one was the runt of the litter who we now know as Sugar. If you have any really good cat stories please Email me at corinneskitties@hotmail.c-om

Nov 13 2004
ok so im down at a swap meet. i love cats, i see a box full of kittens!i almost died my mom picked up one and the kitten started to screach! the lady selling them says she has never done that! i told my mom to let me see the kitten. as soon as i picked up the cat i stopped and went to sleep in less the 1 minute! i guess im just more of a cat person then her!

Nov 8 2004
Mieze and Sunny.. We have two cats now, both of them are strays that chose us and decided to stay. Mieze came to us a little over two years ago. She is a beautiful orange striped cat with white fur on the belly. The way she acted, we had assumed that she was born in the wild. It took us several months to get her so used to us, that she would even come inside. Now she is the owner, and we her servants. Ten days ago, a little tom cat showed up. This one is also orange striped with white fur on the belly. The coloring on the two cats is almost identical, even though the tom cat, we named him Sunny because of his disposition, has a lot more orange fur then white fur. He was completely starved, and after he saw the bowl of food that I put out for him, acted like we were long lost friends. He must have been abandoned around here, because he certainly did not act wild. Mieze is absolutely jealous. I hope that she will get used to him, because I certainly want to keep both of them.

Nov 6 2004
My cat Boonden came from the shelter in Boston. I went there and asked for the most talkative cat you have. And boy, is she ever. She is the color called marmalade, orange and white stripes, with beautiful green eyes, which look blue sometimes. I got her in 1991, and they said she was 3-4 yrs old then. So that makes her 16-17 now?!?!? She has about 12 different phrases she says. Also, if you sit on the couch and whistle, she will jump up beside you and tap your lips with a paw to get you to shush up. And if you put your ear down next to her and say, tell me a secret she rubs her nose back and forth on your ear, just like she's confiding in you. Also, she will pet you on the arm if it's time for you to pet her. She is so sweet and gentle. Do you know the old barbershop quartet song Sweet Adeline? Well, once she miaowed the first four notes of the song **in perfect pitch**. She never did it again. It was a once-in-a-lifetime concert. She loves yogurt -- I share mine with her. ...

Nov 6 2004
My kitty, Ashes, likes to bat at my hair because it is so long. He even chews on it! I still love him.

Nov 3 2004
I used to have a kitten named Adagio, which means slow, well we picked that name because she was a little bit slower than all of her brothers. Everything like eating came slower than her, but that made us love her even more. She hated the vacuum cleaner and loud noises, and when the vacuum was on she began literally doing back flips!

Nov 2 2004
I have A longhaired tabby and she is a very curious kitten. One night when i went to bed my kitten Kitty-Kitty slept with me as usual but most of the time my mom wakes me up but instead kitty kitty woke me and then i went to school and when i went to get my homework out of my bag but then Kitty-Kitty popped out of my bag and i had to call my mom to pick her up thankfully nobody was allergic to my cat. it was very funny and i will rember this for the rest of my life. Signed the kitten Kitty-kitty

Nov 2 2004
Our cat Mikki, is now about 21 years old. Actually at times she still thinks she`s two years old, but not often... When we got her, we were told that she wouldn`t last the night, having been rescued from a family of feral cats which han been culled. That was about 21 yrs ago and she was about 5 weeks old... She's still alive and kicking! We have actually put our retirement plans on hold because we wan to move to the sun...but Mikki comes first!!!She`s too old to uproot, on the bright side...shes glossy with great teeth, sprightly when she wants to be.. and, since she`s now deaf,-- Very Very Noisy!!!At 60 I wish I had half HER be pampered.... (she'll probably live to be 30 just to spite us).. Bless her ? If anyone wants an old, very spoiled cat, don't contact us....I'm sure she'll contact YOU!!

Oct 29 2004
My boyfriend's cat is name Pito. He is the funniest cat ever. He is about 7 years old and 14lbs, big cat. Well, he loves being around people. When you stroke him, he loves putting his front paws on your face. He makes this face like he is smiling at you. It will just melt your heart. Anyone who meets him can't help but love him. Another thing he loves to do is pounce at your leg. He tried doing that to me several times but every time I catch him.

Oct 25 2004
Hi, my kitty is Zillah. She is 1 year and 3 months old. My kitty loves to play fetch. She will go into my bathroom to find a Q-tip from the box (that she opened with her paw) and bring it to me and drop it. I'll throw it and she will bring it back to me. This will go on for about 20 minutes. Once she is done playing she will come and lay on my lap and take a short nap.After that she will want some water from the bathroom faucet. She only drinks running water. It is too cute.

Oct 20 2004
Lauren W
Today was my dogs birthday and my cat as usual (if you read all my other ones) ran out of his litter box and scared the crap out of me and we were singing happy birthday and he ran under my legs and fell over backwards and it looked as though he was snickering!!!!!!!!

Oct 13 2004
my kittie's name is Skye. She is such a brat somtimes and she can be really playful...i think it's cute. It's scary when she just barges into your space and bites you. She is black and white and she come to us when we call her name. I love my kitty,she is so cute and cuddly, her fur is so soft.

Oct 4 2004
I Have a cat and her name is Maggie, we got her when she was about 1 and a half years old, well she likes to claw everything up and we just bought her a new bed and she ripped it to shreds! she has done that to 4 cat beds so far lol it is very funny to see her in the morning with little bits of shredded Foam about her!

Sep 29 2004
Daniel c.j.
Yeah,i have a cat. She is so smart she swings on handles to open a door. I love my cat, from Daniel.

Sep 28 2004
When we first had our cat she was scared of putting her paws on the grass! her name is Smwtan and she is very,very friendly. We got her from the RSPCA. Now, she loves going outside. last week my friend called Caron came to see her. Our cat scares cats twice the size of her away! She is so funny. Much love, Zara

Sep 26 2004
I got a Kitten from a friends farm and it's a black and white 3 month old kitten. Well we had some friends over to get it use to being around people and it didn't take long until it was the center of attention. then when everyone left the kitten was still trying to keep awake and so my friend had it on her lap and it was sitting up looking at everyone and meowed once then fell over fast asleep!

Sep 25 2004
There are two outdoor cats that live near my house- one is a himalayan cat named Dookie, the other one is a plain white cat named Molta (Cotton in Spanish). One day my cat, Hampton, saw Molta on the porch, so he went to the French sliding door and scared her so much, she jumped off the deck! I'm glad she was okay.

Sep 20 2004
I have 3 male cats; Tennyson 14, a Himilayan, Tobythej, 11, a Maine Coon & Greysen, 3, a Ragdoll. They are wonderful cats. Tenny hates Greysen since Toby and Greysen bug him a lot & he's too old to play with them. Toby brings me things to throw (even dead mice in the middle of the night..), he's a retriever & quite the mouser. They live indoors & Greysen is the softest, happiest cat I've ever seen in my life. They follow me everywhere & greet me when I come home. They are like little dogs but without the messes and they take care of themselves. My Ragdoll doesn't meow, just a high pitch once in a very great while. They like to go outside when I'm working in the yard but come in when I do & I find a dead mouse on the door step afterward at times as a present to me. The Maine Coon is exceptional & is quite the talker. The Himilayan is very quiet, the smallest, never makes a mess and is a true gentleman. All of the cats are very loving.

Sep 18 2004
my kitten's name is Hector, he is 8 weeks old and he thinks his tail is out to get him. he is constantly chasing it and when he catches it, he chews it like crazy. he gets this look on his face, like there's that darn tail again, it wont stop following me. it's so hilarious i could watch him for hours.

Sep 18 2004
My cats name is Ribbons, she is gray with a few streaks of orange throughout her coat. one thing funny that she does, is when her food bowl starts to get empty, if she can see the bottom of her bowl, she will not eat another bite, no matter how much is around the edges. she will wake us up in the middle of the night or follow us around the house meowing until we top off her food, i think it's so funny and she is such a prissy little thing!!!

Sep 15 2004
I met my baby Hershey [he's a himalayan/persian chocolate kitty] from a litter of 6 my sister had. Out of the entire bunch he was the only one that was chocolate. 3 of the cats were black, another was orange/white and the last was white/brown. When I first laid eyes on Hershey he was just too cute to resist. He looked like a little teddy bear because he was so hairy on his feet. Ever since then he became my kitty. ^_^ One thing i have to say is BOY this baby has gas! He lets out lethal ones that stink SOO bad! I look down at him like Wow kitty! That came from you?

Sep 13 2004
I've got a cat with gold,brown and white hair. It's a great friend, but he get angry easy. It often hurts me..

Sep 12 2004
i have a cat whose name is oreo. we got her about four years ago. one night while my mom was cooking dinner she left the pantry door open and oreo got in it, we hadn't noticed either. i have two brothers and one was in his late teens and he had come home late one night after we had already gone to bed and of course my mom had shut the door to the pantry. me and my mother had woke up to meows. we went to go see what it was, it was my older brother giving oreo a bath. she had gotten so scared to get out she got syrup all over her! of course she was fine, just a little shook up!

Sep 12 2004
Once apon a time, there was a kitteh called Pongo. he ate lots of ketchup. one day, his little sponge mouse was in his daily bowl of ketchup and the poor lump of sponge was drowning in the ketchup so pongo watched the sponge mouse for a few minutes and realised that he loved the sponge mouse and he saved it.

Sep 9 2004
I Have two cats. I got mama kitty from the pet store and rescued baby kitty. I love them both very much, but they sometimes get in my way. For some reason they both love my computer when I am on it they both sit there and look at the screen then they will put their paws on the keys and mouse they like to mess up whatever I am doing at the time. They are both my babys do I don't care.

Sep 8 2004
Gwen and Mark
Jolie and Beau are our kitty-babies. They're so named because they both have beautiful Tabby markings. Beau is a brown tabby and Jolie is a brown and orange tabby mix. They're great friends, and love looking out of our windows at the cars and people going by in Chicago. Beau likes to wait until Jolie isn't watching and pounce her, while Jolie can be found carrying a long string around the apartment waiting for one of her humans to come home and make it go crazy for her to chase.

Sep 3 2004
Two little cats runing around the house probably chasing their toy mouse also chasing each other I'm so glad they live together. One's name is sisco, the other midnight. and they love to play and fight. Midnight is the curious one. Sisco sometimes joins the fun. They love each other. i do too and i know so does their mother

Aug 31 2004
Zack and Emily
Our kitties are Lucy and Linus. Lucy is a 14 month old with a beautiful orange coat. She has a white bib and 4 white boots with a bushy orange tail. Linus her (adopted) brother, is a 7 month old with a very dark grey coat, and almost indistinguishable black stripes. Lucy and Linus live in the big city of Chicago, and enjoy looking out the window at all the cars and people. Lucy lived with us for a year before we adopted her brother. But once we brought home Linus, it only took two days for Lucy to love him. Now, they are inseperable! Lucy is a fancy cat. She enjoys bathing, and a bit of cat nip every now and then. Linus is a rebel-rouser. He enjoys soccer and pouncing.

Aug 27 2004
poopswies is the worlds Fattest cat EVER!! she is a calico stray and is SOOO cute. she is also the most tolearent cat ever!! she will let you pick her up countless times before she gets evil. she will also race around the house at mach5 until she hits her self on the door. it is soooo funny!!!! she weighs about 15 pounds at age 2!! once she was watching tv with us and there was a bird call on tv and she froze,looked at the tv then jumped out of my lap, raced over to it and looked up , and jumped at the screen!!!!! there is not enough words to describe this cat!

Aug 26 2004
Flea is my cat and he is very very handsome! He likes to chase his tail and play fetch with the twisty ties that come with a loaf of bread. In the morning when he wants to get me out of bed to feed him he licks my eyelids hoping they will open...he is a cutey pie!

Aug 26 2004
While driving down the road I saw a man throw a tiny black kitten out of his car! I called the police and stopped hoping I could save the kitty. She is solid black with green eyes and has the most wonderful personality. She was about 2 weeks old when I saved her so she required some special care and her right front paw has lost one of its pads. Because of her unlucky black color and her rude introduction to the road I named her Crash. It's a miracle she lived.

Aug 20 2004
When I was at Delphian School, there were lots of cats over there. I mean, a whole bunch. And they were very nice cats too. So any ways, my friends were talking about what the cats would do if you did this and all. well, heres one of them. if you called thier name, or just called them, they would come to you. and if you pet them they would purr, and when you pet them long enough, they'll fall asleep. Well, Alea, one of my friends didn't have any student servaces, so she went to go pet the cats. She was petting and petting the cats for a long time. well, two black cats. Then they fell asleep on her. So she was stuck petting them, for a long time. Then, when it was time to go to class, she gently put them on the ground and tried to go to class. but the cats suddenly got up and started to follow her. ...

Aug 20 2004
One time when my cats, Feather and Gringo, both full bred siamese cats, and they had kittens, three kittens, and I had two siblings, a brother and a sister. So there were enough for all of us. We were obsessed with the kittens, that we named them all! Well, Aaron, My little brother, had the biggest kitten, and it was a boy, he named it. I had the medium kitten, I named it killer! I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, and it was a girl. She had spunk. She loved to wrestle with the others. Even if she lost, she would keep trying till she won. And Danika, my little sister, she had the runt. She named it Sydney. Or did she spell it Sidny? I don't know, but it was a girl. So anyways, when we were feeding the kittens and when they were done, we all know that they hated water, that they wouldn't even drink the water. We really had to do something, or else. When we turned our backs, the kittens were drinking water! we were all surprized and Happy ...

Aug 18 2004
In July I got two new kittens. My sister and I named them Daniel and Isaiah. Weeks later we found out that they both are girls! So they are now Sparkle and Sandi.

Aug 12 2004
My kitten's name is Mimi and she is 5 months old. She is very playful and I love her, but she likes to bite my nose!

Aug 7 2004
While my mom and I were lying in bed my cats Frisky and Oddity (a polydactyl kitten) were playing in my mother's bathroom, they were thumping and jumping and making all sorts of loud noises. Well my mom told me to go and see what they were doing, so I went into the bathroom to find Oddity playing with this silver round thingy, I took it to my mom and she told me that it was the stopper from the sink, we went back into the bathroom and found Frisky lying in her sink, we picked him up and sure enough the stopper was gone. (It looked as if Frisky had unscrewed the stopper and dropped it down for Oddity to play with and then tried to hide what he had done by sitting in the sink and covering it up) we thought that was so funny :-)

Aug 4 2004
Last week a woman came to my house and said she found two kittens while doing laundry. She wanted to know if I wanted them. Of course, I can never refuse a cat. My sister and I named them Daniel and Isaiah. Daniel is a gray tiger and Isaiah is yellow. They are very precious.

Jul 26 2004
My little sister had lost her husband to cancer about 6 months prior to this incident. Raquel was watching a very touching program on TV about a married couple who after years of marrige they decided to renew their marrige vows. Raquel was so touched that she began to sob uncontrolably, not only because of the program but because of the husband she missed so much. At that moment her cat Kelly jumped onto the bed where Raquel sat and layed near her arm. Kelly then placed her paw upon her wrist as if to say It'll be OK, we'll be fine, please don't cry. my sister then regained control of herself, but in a matter of minutes again the memories returned and again began to sob. Once again, Kelly placed her paw apon the wrist of my sister trying to comfort her. This repeat gesture from Kelly convinced my sister that she was in good hands (paws) and that everything really was going to be Ok and they would be fine.

Jul 16 2004
My cat is a black boy kitten named Chester! I got him from a pet store in a mall! His favorite thing to do is scare the living heck out of me and hide in empty brown paper bags and under my old couch cousions! hes bad but I still love him!

Jul 15 2004
I have two cats named Asia and Mackenzie. I had Asia for a year before I got the baby Mack. I thought she was a boy when I got her, but once the doctor told me I needed to have her spayed, I knew she was a girl. Both her and Asia are such loving cats. Asia will sit on my chest and knead and purr, and then fall asleep there. They both also takes any kind of loose change or pens, and will pick up the edge of my area rug, and scoot them under there. Asia also likes to bring me presents of pens and candy wrappers, as if they were prey she caught. I of course, being the loving owner that I am, will thank her effusively and praise her. They both are the light of my life, and couldn't be happier with them.

Jul 11 2004
My sister and I got some kittens from my uncles parents. My kitten is black and I named it Wednesday and my sisters cat is black with white paws and it is named buttons and some white spots. Well anyway, we just got them two days ago and on the first day we put them on the steps and there is a huge space between the steps and porch, just the right size for an 8 week kitten to crawl trough and sure enough the kittens crawled through and they stayed under there and they WOULDN'T come out, so anyway finally they crawled out at 10:00pm!!!

Jul 9 2004
This happened three summers ago on the beautifulest ranch I know of. We had a cat (female cat) named juneyer.My sister named her that.I wanted to name her whiskers (that still would have been a better name). So juneyer it was. Now here the story begins.J uneyer had would always go out and get she did.She got pregnent three times and had them under our trailor. But then this one time my sister and I kept her in the house when she was pregnent.( remember this was only three summers ago).Now three years I was 9 and my sister was 10.And we were just visiting my dad because we live with our mom.But juneyer is still our cat. She had the kittens ON OUR BED!!! now altogether that was gross,but it was also flattering that she had them where i guess she felt safe. [Editor: Please, everyone, get your female cats spayed to prevent repeat litter!!!! This is so important... PLEASE DO THIS]

Jul 6 2004
My Grandma has never liked animals but when a stray white and gray cat started hanging out at her house ,eating leftovers she couldn't stop feeding the precious shorthair. One morning on my way to school, I spotted 2 black kittens on my grandma's roof. They grew very quickly.Later I found that they were her kittens. Months past as the precious kittens grew right before our eyes.About 2 years later,I came home only to find 3 adorable kittens.I was so amazed at how cute they were.Later that day I discovered a fourth kitten.They were so cute!I instantly fell in love with the litter of 4.W e later named them:Strippers; skittles; peppy; and m-and-m.We never got to pet or hold them without sneaking up on them and having them fight their way out of our arms.The easiest (and cutest) one to catch was skittles , a gray with white feet little male.They ate every day but would never come within 3 yards of us.

Jun 30 2004
My kitty is named Troy Cat He is so cute. I got him from my fifth grade teacher. I had him for about two or three months so far. Although he is very naughty I still love him. One he was on top of my stereo and he pulled down my speakers that was on top of my window railing. When he pulled down my speakers one of them hit my head and gave me a huge knot on my head. But I still love him.

Jun 25 2004
My cat is a beautiful calico cat. Her name was Camille when I got her from my Uncle's farm, but I was 7 at the time so I couldn't say it. Her name then became Camie. She was the cutest kitten in the world, but then we had to get rid of her so my dad gave her to his friends who lived in a trailer park so she couldn't be an outside cat any longer. I am an only child and I was very lonely so we got her back a few years later. When we got her back, she was fat and lazy, but I still love her bunches and bunches.

Jun 25 2004
Flea belonged to neighbors in our apartment complex. You could see her skin through her hair, she was the smallest out of four the kids had found in a nearby field. She always seemed to be trying to get my attention. At a cookout one night, all the kitties were begging for food. I had only one piece of steak left, I picked her up, put her on the paper plate and she ate it. She sounded like a lioness-growling and snarling-thoroughly enjoying this tasty morsel. After she was done she looked at me and meowed, her stomach full and went to play with her siblings. The next morning I woke up and she was on my bed!! She had pushed opend a screen window to get out and crawled through the space beside our old swamp cooler to get in. I took her home and she just kept coming back. We decided Flea-O Cleo wanted to be with Ryan (my son) and me. She is a long haired tabby-grey, white creme and black-and has been loved by us for six years.

Jun 24 2004
hi its me again, ive got a new tail 2 tell u the other day tiger (my cat) ran out the dorr and he climbed through the back fence!

Jun 24 2004
My cat's name is Crystal and she's having kittens. I'm very excited. My cat is playful and a good friend. She is loving, caring, and beautiful, and I know she'll be a good mother.

Jun 21 2004
My cat Nutter Butter was the cutest cat around. he got a disese and we had to give him away. but he still is my favorite cat of all time!!!!

Jun 18 2004
my nanny has two cats ones called penny and the other one is called crystal. one time penny bited me but it didn't hurt. penny is grey and crystal is chocolate brown. i like crystal best.

Jun 14 2004
my cat tiger is very naughty! He always jumps on top of my bird's cage. once he gets up there he goes to sleep on top of the cage and then my bird flash tries to peck at my cat. it is really funny! ps i luv my kitty

Jun 14 2004
My kitten's name is Missy. and she looks like a kind of grayish color and she has green eyes. she likes to play around in my shoes. one time I almost stepped on her! she's a cool kittien

Jun 9 2004
On April 5th 2004 a young stray cat came crying at my front door. I opened the door to see it was not my cat and closed the door,about 1 hour later I was on the back porch playing with my mini lop bunny that I had gotten the day b4 the cat came meowing at the back door.I ignored her figuring that she had a home.Well 20 mins later the cat was screaming at my front door.So I opned the door and went outside.I checked the cat to see if it was hurt,it wasnt,but she was really skinny and her belly was sunk in from not eating very much.So I fed her knowing that she would most likely stick around.Well dhe stuck around and not too long after she came to me did I notice she was pregnant.So for the next few weeks I felt her belly and made a really strong bond with this lil kitty.I named her Maggie. I had to teach Maggie how to use a litter box and she eventually got the hang of it.I showed her how to play with the kitty balls that I had for my other cat.

Jun 8 2004

Jun 5 2004
i have a cat that is very young and is always on the run. and one day when i was playing with my lazer light my cat started chasing it i was making the light go in circles so it looked like she was chasing her tail like a dog! after that when ever we throw her somthing she brings it back to us in her mouth like a dog! we call her doggy now!

Jun 3 2004

Jun 2 2004
I LOVE MY CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my cat is the best cat in the world. she is a norweigan forest mix and EXTREMELY loving. Her name is Monsta but she is only an angel! Almost every single night and she PURRRRS like crazy!! when she's purring, she starts drooling and kneading her claws into my face and my pillow (which is filled with holes by the way.) and the coolest thing is...she sucks on my ear! (and she's 10 months old and had 4 kittens)**

May 31 2004
hi my cat is called duchess and loves her owner so much -- me. when i let her go outside she waits till i go out first even at 4o clock in the morning she really is treated like the duchess spoilt or what ! p.s she gets fed 6 times a day but is still as fit as a fiddle i love my cat and wiil not only treat her like a duchess i'll traet her like the queen

May 29 2004
Laurina W
My cat, Simba is the cutest most adorable kitty in the entire world! One day we lost him, and we took SOOO long looking for him. Then at the end of the day I found him locked up in the food - cupboard; I was so happy we found him, coz I'd never lost him for so long! I felt sorry for him though.

May 28 2004
I have a kitty whos cuter than any cat I have seen.My friend and I call him hero buger but his real name is milo!The way we thought of that name is because one day Emma and I were watching a movie.We heard my cat making a weird noises.We paused the movie and ran upstairs to go see what milo was doing, we found out he had found a black widow. Emma and I were really scared. Milo must have known we were scared he jumped on the chair and leaped and killed the spider.We found out it was a female black widow.Now I call him hero buger.

May 20 2004
My cat Roxie is soooooooooo cute! She does the funiest things you wouldn't believe it! She'll roll around on her stomach and it might sound weird, but she fetches! It's almost like she's half dog or somthing! When I go to bed she'll come under the covers! Like she's scared! She's from Woodstock and we got her a peace collar. It's so funny! You just gotta love her!

May 19 2004
my cat chin chin has this thing with her right paw. everybody is freaked out that she is going to paw you when shes under my bed. well one day i sat on my bed and some of my feet were under the bed. the next thing i know i feel pain in my foot and i scream. so thewn she runs when she hears me. the next day i walk by my bed and her right paw just grabs my foot and tryes to bring it under! it hurt but then after i could not stop laughing!

May 19 2004
well i have a cat named Chin Chin. She is the most funniest kitten ever! welll one day i was going to sleep and i was petting her tail. she thought i was a mouse and bit me and scratched me. well after she realized she bit me she started licking my hand and layed with me and purred for me for the rest of the night to say sorry.

May 19 2004
my cat enjoys eating bugs. especialy spiders and bees. one day while in my basement he jumped on a huge spider and ate it. it bit him in the mouth and scared him so much he ran into a metal suport and made a loud nois.

May 18 2004
Christine andJay
Mimi and Mr Lindsey are resuce kitty's. We found Mimi (charcoal gray) at my job when she was maybe 5-6 wks old. Still to this day, when she's ready to sleep, she'll crawl up on my shoulder (just like burping a baby)and push her face in my hair to knead herself to sleep. She sees me as her mommy that she never knew. Mr Lindsey (jet black)was found out in a rain storm, he was maybe 14 wks old when we brought him home from the Vet. He has a chronic sniffle, I chase him around with a tissue to wipe his runny nose, but he just won't blow for me. Mr Lindsey, we thought was a female, but things happen. Every night he has to sleep right next to me with his head on the pillow and covered, he's my lover boy. Both of them are very, very playful...crazy kids most of the time. They are awesome!

May 17 2004
My Siamese cat, Jasmine is pretty weird.. One day my friend called me and asked if she could come over and see Jasmine my new kitten so I said ok. She came over and I told her I coulnd't find her anywhere and all of a sudden we heard a little meow from under the hood of my little black Caviler ( my car) and I popped the hood and there was Jasmine sleeping on the battery! So from now on I always check under my hood before I leave to go anywhere in that car!

May 14 2004
Andromeda who is a maine coon cat loves to drink from the faucet and eat food with her paw. When she feel up to it she enjoys sitting on the my shoulder and watch me wash dishes.

May 12 2004
In loving memory of Tails. Before my cat Tails got pregnat I wanted to get a orange(tigger) and simese (Moca) cat. Well when she had her kittens, she had two orange ones, two white ones(one has black marks like a simese cat, and the other had orange markings alot lighter), and two that looked like her. So I got my wish for a siamese and orange cat.

May 6 2004
My cat Rainbow is really cute! I work on a farm and she always follows me everywhere. She is very cute but she is like a dog, if I go up to feed my bunnies she follows along, if I am just walking around she comes to. When she was a little kitten she was very active she would bite,scrach, and loved to play. Well I tamed her down and she has become a mother. She is nice now she still bites sometimes, but she is a great mother and we will never get rid of her. Oh by the way they call me The LionTamer because I tame down all the cats which they think are lions!! lol

May 4 2004
My Sugarfoot is the cutest kitten in the whole world, she is such an inspiration to me. No matter what happens to her, she always is happy to see me. My friend Lindsay and I love her so much. She means the world to us.

May 4 2004
When I was a baby I put catlitter in my cats food dish and this made the cat very sick. Please do not let your small children play around your cat's food dish or litter box!

May 4 2004
My cat is only 2 years old. Her name is Lexi and I've been raising her since she was 8 months old. She chitters at the birds and beats up our dogs (one of them is a Lab mix and the other is a doxin mix). She acts like such a sweetie, but other times she follows us around the house and wacks our legs. But one thing I really love about her is that she always comes when she's called, and she always sleeps with me at night. She even gives the entire family kisses.

Apr 28 2004
My cat Tucker is really weird. He goes crazy over the stranges things. One thing that he loves is Tea Tree Oil. Whenever my mom puts it on her feet, he goes crazy... licking and rolling over it. He also loves food like spicy cheetos, roasted peanuts, and butterscotch.

Apr 28 2004
I got a cat and named him vincent. I cuddle with him every night before bed. My little brother said he wanted to marry my cat.

Apr 27 2004
My Southern bell Scarlet O'Hara is facinated with water....I've found her in the shower, in the kitchen sink, and drinking water from the toilet!.....I'm convinced she's part dog.

Apr 27 2004
me and my friend brittni got a cat we named it marshmellow because we were eating our favorite food, marshmellows. i loved that cat but shortly after that it died. i remember when we cuddled

Apr 25 2004
My cat Sobe(sobee) did something real funny one night, me and my family went to my Nanny's in the morning and I didn't get a chance to feed him and when I was trying to sleep in the middle of the night Sobe was singing that Meow Mix song. It was so funny.

Apr 24 2004
i used to have a cat called Tommy he was the best cat ever! When he vrey sadley got runover we got a dog called Ella we still have her. Then we got 2 more cats jack, who again sadly died and midge who we still have. p.s My dog Ella is gonna have puppies!!!!

Apr 21 2004
Jenni (Baby Gurl)
I brought my cat, Oreo into the garage one day, and there was a bag of cucumbers. So I picked one up, and let her sniff it, then she jumped up, terrified of the cucumber!! :)

Apr 15 2004
One day I was watching tv and i went to the office to go on the computer and my cat was guarding the mouse.

Apr 14 2004
My cat is the cutest thing in an annoying way, and this is no joke. When I'm working on the computer, I feel that she can hear the keyboard clicking as I type, so she comes over to see me and loses interest really quickly. Once she has forgotten about me (and remember, this is not a joke) she starts playing with the computer mouse!

Apr 13 2004
My kitty's name is Juan Rosevelt. (No, I did not mispell Rosevelt!) I found him when he was about one month old in a black trash bag. I heard him cry in the back of a pickup truck. I soon discovered he was an abandoned kitten and quickly took him to my vet. When I came to pick him up, the docter said he was fine and I could take him home. I went to dinner with my family and thats where we named him Juan Rosevelt. Juan is not like other kittens: he plays fetch with his toy mice, always wants to be around us, meows at us as if he is having a conversation with us, follows me wherever i go in the house, plays games with us and sleeps on my bed. every morning he wakes me up to feed him his wet cat food. We named him Juan Rosevelt because the pichup truck driver's name was Migel. so we thought we would give him an hispanic name. This is my Kitty tail.

Apr 9 2004
In Loving memory of Dallas.. Dallas was a Seal Point Siamese I resued from the local ShelterI looked at him and he put his paw up to the cage and Meowed to the lady at the counter he was ready to leave. :) He loved sleeping on the edge of my bed. He always got up at 6:00am ike clockwork. One morning about 5:30 he starts meowing to go out. In my sleepy state I let him out of my room and made note it was raining. When I got back in bed, I realized it wasn't raining on the other side of the house.. Cause of him, I was able to stop a really bad water leak before it flooded anything but the bathroom.. heheh Miss you D.. Miss you Lots

Apr 9 2004
Hey people My cat's name is Bebeto. it means baby in spanish. He's so cute. He's a siamese one. He loves to eat but he's not fat. He's not the fluffy kind or hairy.. He's normal.. As he grow he gets darker and darker i guess its normal for a siamese cat. I squish him, I smush his face I do anything with him and he's fine with it. He's weird. He's the quiet type kind. He behaves great. He's not after us when we eat by the dining table he eats his own food and thats it. He doesn't like baths. Bebeto is my bebe really.. I love you Bebeto! mmwah!

Apr 5 2004
Ky. S.F.
My cat Callie was the light of my life until her death. She was fluffy and sweet and cheered me up. I wish she was here, but a rattlesnake took her life. I hope everyone will have some one like Callie.

Apr 5 2004
Ky S. F.
My cat pooka is my friend and i love her one day when i was crying she came up and purred, cheering me up! i love her and always will.

Apr 5 2004
Ky S. F.
I had a cat named Franky, but he died. He was my best friend and rode horses with me. He thought his mom was my dog Coby (who also died). He was really my dads cat, but i loved him like my own. I hope everyone can have a cat like franky.

Apr 5 2004
I have a cat named Muffin and when she was a kittin me and her where playing under the table when she ran to the bathroom. I sat under the table for about five mins. when suddnly muffin came running out with a full role of tolet paper in her mouth she was rolling it all over the place. When I went into the bathroom muffin had got the role off the tolet my mom had set in there becoause there was only a little left on the role.

Apr 3 2004
Cassi, our tabby/calico is the queen of this household! She loves to sleep under the covers and bites our feet in the wee hours of the morning. Her favorite game though is fetch - at any hour of the day or night, especially with her large green cable tie. She slides at least 6 feet down the hallway on the hardwood floor while racing for her toy and will fetch as many times as you will throw. Cassi has one extra long toe on her back foot - we think it gives her extra speed!

Apr 3 2004
I have a cat named Lilac and she is such a brat! She likes to attack Butterscotch! Pumpkin likes to bite her neck! It is almost Lilac's birthday. She will be one.

Mar 31 2004
My cat is so cute she chases my hand around the floor.

Mar 28 2004
My cat, Seymore, was a true gift from God. Back in 1998 I lost my previous cat to a severe health issue. I was so broken-hearted I ended up composing a song for him. A few days later I was at Pasadena Humane Society in Ca. and I went in to see the cats. There was a cat exactly like mine, same color, same age and same cute attitude. I adopted him immediately and today Seymore is still my cherished gift from God. My sweet little cat.

Mar 17 2004
I Have a cat name Luna (Siamese). She is that cutest cat in the world and guess what I don't even know her B-Day!!! all i know is that i'm 8 years old and she's 3 years old, cool!!! Well she's half my cat and she's half my sister's cat and my sister is 17 and so like she barely even talks to my cat. Well my cat hates being annoyed by me , hates being rubbed on the tummy, and most off all hates taking baths, they're her worst nightmare!!!! Well she looks like this: black tail, black head, black all paws and all the rest of her back and tummy ar well ummmmmm light brown. She's siamese. She hates traveling too.

Mar 15 2004
My stepdad rescued my cat, who accidently hung himself between boards in an abandon house. He brought it home and hoped I wouldn't see him. He was so tiny, and he had a high pitched meow. I went upstairs and i saw a kitten in a box meowing for attention. His name was first Lucky, but I named him Kitty. He has a REALLY bad attitude though. We even fixed him and he's still a punk! Oh well...I love him and always will - I just don't like the fact that he learned how to open the bathroom door open when people are in there.

Mar 11 2004
My little kitty's name is Oreo because he's black and white. When I got Oreo he was a little too young and was pulled away from his mother so he SUCKS peoples' ears. He sucks them because he thinks that if he sucks ears he'll get milk just like his mother, isn't that adorable!

Mar 5 2004
I have a cat named Gabriel, who is 7 years old, and is an orange and apricot-colored short-haired domestic cat. He's plump, fuzzy, and he eats, plays, and sleeps all day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. I love to cuddle and talk to him, and he loves me like a sister. We adopted Gabe, about a year ago, and already he acts as if we had him all his life. I love you Gabriel!

Mar 4 2004
Once upon a time... I was terribly afraid of cats and I had the same dream about a sacry cat for almost two weeks in a row. So, I decided to have a cat to see if the pet was as scary as I thought. My sister picked up a kitten from the was so fragile and so frightened! I didn't know who was more sacred: me or the cat. I named him William Shakespeare (Willy) because he seemed very wise and cultured. From then on, cats have been what I most love! Now, I have Willy, Mel (gibson) and Snow! (From Brazil!)

Feb 27 2004
my cat hemi is full grown and the size as a eight week old. He has the biggest eyes in the world .He so cute

Feb 26 2004
Bob was an part outside part inside cat, and he would go outside and hunt for mice. When he got a really good catch he would always like to bring them back home and leave them on our doorstep as a present for us. And of course when we would open the door there would be Bob standing there by his gift waiting for us. And of course it wasn't very attrctive to have dead mouse corpses by our front door, so we would look at Bob and say Dangin Bob, this is bad, and he would just look at us with an innocent expression to him as if he were saying What, you don't want it?

Feb 25 2004
I have a cat named Wu-Tang, Wu for short. He lives at my mom's house because I live in the city and he likes to be outside. Anyway, it is always a joy to see him. When I come home for a visit, as soon as he see's me he starts drooling. Heaven forbid he gets in my lap, when he done there is usually a wet mark on my pants about the size of a grapefruit. He is a great cat.

Feb 21 2004
My cat Bob likes to stare out the window and he always messes up the drapes. So every time he wants to look out the window...we have to open the blinds.

Feb 20 2004
Lauren W
one day at my aunt's house my dog was whith me and her cat Bug was on the coffee table and my dog (harley) lifted her head and Bug attacked her.Oh! Craperdoodles!!! i yelled and spilled my soda!

Feb 20 2004
Me and my best friend Tara both have cats. Hers is named Emmie and mine is Winter. We always have nick names for them. One is pookie, one day when i was talking to my mother on the phone over Tara's house Emmie meowed. My mom called Pookie to my cat and she mewoed into the phone! Emmie and WInter had a conversation!

Feb 20 2004
hi,I have a cat named Emmie. My cat is a lot like a dog, because she chases anything you through to her! But one day my baby kitty wasn't feelin so good, so we brought her to the vet. At the vet she was very good. When my mom brought her home she told me that she had to get two shots! i was very sad. My baby wasn't playing like she usually does. She was just sitting on the chair in the living room. Me and my best friend Ally were very sad. But after a few days my kitty felt a lot better! She was a lot more energetic! Now she plays all the time! The End!

Feb 19 2004
I have a kitty named Phantom. She is a calico cat. Half of her face is black, like a mask. Like the Phantom of the Opera. She's really cute!

Feb 18 2004
I have a cute but chubby cat named Winter. My brother Josh had a fish in a bowl on the island in the kitchen. One day we all went off and did our thing at school or work. When we came home we returned to see that Winter had knocked the bowl off the island and killed the fish! When she saw us walk in she ran away under the bed. We finally found the fish under the fridge. My mother was mad but I could never be mad at my baby!

Feb 18 2004
I have an adorable black and white cat named Friendly. She gets her name from being so nice. She has millions of names like puchoon, flowfiska meowmowski and many more. They are all made up names. She eats squash, cheese, milk, mushroom soup and marshmallows. She doesn't eat fish though-that is wierd!

Feb 18 2004
I have a kitten named Princess. A few months ago she was playing with a cardboard from paper towels. It got stuck under the cabinets so I got it out for her. It got stuck again so I did the same.Then it rolled two inches away from her. She looked at me for about a minute and wouldn't move so I had no choice, I had to get it for her or else she would be mad at me for the rest of the day.

Feb 18 2004
I had a cat named Tom once. And one day i was sitting on the caoch and i looked outside and he was riding my tricycle! (this is when I was really little) I thought I was going to die laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

Feb 16 2004
The battle of the Purple Cushion I have 2 snowshoe kittie sisters named Katie and Sara. They play together all day but when it comes time to rest it becomes THE BATTLE OF THE PURPLE PILLOW-Sara is bigger so she will lay on it, then Katie wants to lay on Sara, then they circle around smushing each other outta the way. Eventually Sara gets angry and attacks Katie until shes forced off. Katie waits until Sara's sleeping and then curls up next to her. They do this EVERYNIGHT!

Feb 15 2004
My Cats name is Tigger and Winnie. Tigger just when we got him he got into a cat fight. When his sister got into a cat fight he was there to fight the other cats and to say Back of to them. He is a protective brother.

Feb 14 2004
Marissa Tarjanyi
I have 5 cats ! 3 have no tails ! and the others do have tails . the cats with no tails are called manx. they are sooooo cool . they jump really high. the mother cat named mindey , jumps on our refridgerator and sleeps !! my other cat whinnie , she is a really fat calico , cat ! i call her whinnie the pooh . my other black cat named cubby , has a stub , ( a lil tail ) he is soooo cute . when ever we have milk in a cup on the table , he sticks his paw in the cup of milk and licks his paw . Also my other cat Itsey she stays down stairs and she is very quiet and scared . now my last cat ! his simple name is boy . he is so handsome !! he is like a big teddy bear . he has a fluffy coat of fur. he loves everybody . and all of my cats allways bring my mom presents . do you know what the presents are ? well . . . they are eaither , dead birds , moles , rabbits , or mice !! my mom loves them ( NOT !!!!) lol well i still love my cats o so much . that was my loveley story of my cats .

Feb 14 2004
I love my cat, Kitty. She's so cute(not to mention naughty!),but I was so in decisive earlier.Would you believe I decided to give her a new name(for the 3rd or 4th time)? First Prowler, then Kitty, now Jade. What next? Oh well. I love her anyway.

Feb 13 2004
I just got my first kitten two weeks ago. I never had a cat before, only dogs, but I love all animals in general. She is half Himalayan, half Calico, and she's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I named her Belle, as myself and everyone believes she will be a beautiful cat. About a week ago I took Belle over to my mother's house to show her off to some relatives. My mother has a Bichon Frise (dog) named Missy, although a small dog, she is about 5 times bigger than my kitten. They got along pretty well, Belle was a little frightened at first, and Missy started chasing Belle around playfully. I was a little worried that Missy might be to rough with the kitten considering the size difference. I kept caling Missy, trying to lure her away, but Belle had cleverly hidden under a sofa chair and all I could see was a little paw swiping out from underneath the chair, at the dog.

Feb 12 2004
One night I was sitting at the computer typing and I heard something scraping at my door. Then I heard a thump. That scared me! I got a flashlight and looked out the window. My cute cuddly cat, Rascal, was trying to get in! Haha!

Feb 9 2004
Alicia Jones
I named my cat Inky because she is black and white and when she she stands with her front to legs together there is a black diagonal line that runs across both of her legs. Just like someone had painted her with ink!

Feb 7 2004
Our cat Miss Kitty Reir is the funniest,cutest,jumpiest,-and fastest cat in the world.She is black and has 3 white globs.[not from paint].She is so cute that you can not take your hands off of her.

Feb 7 2004
my cats name is lisa. she Fat Fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat. No i'M REALLY NOT KIDING. fAT fat fat fat fat fat fat fat. fffffffffffffffffffffffff-fffffffffffffffffffffffff-fffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt-ttttttttttttttttttttttttt-ttttttttttttttttttttttttt-tttttttttt.thanks and half a great day!

Feb 7 2004
I really want you to hear this story. Once my cat made me trip and fall in his litter box. I wanted to get him in the bath tob so I could change his litter box (he always starts scraching me if i don't. Any way I close the door and then i started to scoop the bad litter and put in the good litter and shap my cat got out and triped me! I hoped you liked my (tail).

Jan 31 2004
i love cats
I have two cats Leopard and Chester, they both love to be tickled, hugged, pampered, brushed, and kissed. But they go wild for treats! Leo actually does tricks for treats! Chester on the other hand just loves to be loved and of course Leo does too. Hopefully i will work for the A.S.P.C.A. someday! I love kitties!!!

Jan 26 2004
Lauren W
One day I was watching the tube and my cat Dugan just pooped and he always runs out of his litter box... so he just got done and he ran into the living room and I screamed so loud he ran back into the litter box and stayed there for like an hour, man, `kay!!

Jan 23 2004
Well i don't have a cat but when i was 5 years old my dad brought home a cat from his work. I was playing a Mortal Kombat game when my mom called me into our living room, there she was my very first cat!!! My brother and I kept fighting over her name, he wanted to name it Skyscraper?! What a loser, so i named her Ginger. She was gray and striped with white. My mom never liked her when she got older. She always hide and never came to her, so she got rid of her! I mean how rude! I cried untill i don't know when!!! Well that's my story so thanx for reading!

Jan 21 2004
At Christmas, I got my cat (Fatty) some presents for Christmas. Included in the presents was some catnit in a bag. I hadn't had time to wrap them and I left them in the bag in the computer room. One day, my husband and I had heard the most terrible commotion. Fatty had tried to get into the toys and got the end of the bag caught on his paws. He ran from one room to another until he could get that bag off his paws. *s* know...same old, same old...curiousity almost killed the he liked his toys....

Jan 21 2004
We had two cats named fatty and skinny. Before we had a cat house for them on the porch, we had a box. We had the box turned so the rain wouldn't go in the front. I swear I was outside and I saw the two cats turning the box to the front so they could see what was in front of them. They didn't want to be surprised.

Jan 21 2004
This is an unusual cat tail...We had two black cats.. One day my husband was outdoors talking to a neighbor and he brought his big hunting dog up with him. The dog acts kinda vicious. Well, our two cats climed the tree in front of the house and went up on the roof. I went outdoors not knowing that the dog was there. I screamed in surprise. The two cats jumped off the roof and landed on the dog and attacked him. My neighbor and husband had to pull them off. They were protecting me. The dog and his owner walked off, the dog with its tail behind his legs and the owner with his head held down. Well, that's it for my story about the attack cats..!!!!

Jan 19 2004
My cat, Lilac, is in love with our turtle. At least, that's how it seems. She sits on top of the aquarium all the time. At first I would get mad and take her down. But now the turtle doesn't seem too up set so I leave Lilac there. Maybe they are talking in animal language. Maybe they like each other's company.

Jan 18 2004
I have a pretty calico cat named Mittens. She had a litter of kittens about four years ago.Her kittens were nursing, when Mandy (the neigbor dog) came up and tried to sniff her babies when we all heard a yelp.Mittens scratched Mandy right on the nose. A mother had to do what a mother had to do to protects her babies. It was so funny.

Jan 18 2004
Molly and Emma and Daniel
Well right after we got our cat Bobo Shadow we were playing with her out on our deck. My sister has pretty long hair and Bobo was playing around with it. Then as soon as I know it she was wailing because Bobo was running around the deck with Molly's hair in her mouth!!!!!!! It was so funny but then again it was horrible to Molly.

Jan 17 2004
Hey all, I got a HoverDisc for x-mas, and my kitty HATES it, he'll lay on top of it deflated when it's on the ground, but if you pick it up he gets the most horrified look on his face and runs across the apt. and under the bed. It's not fun to scare the poop outta your kitty, but it works real good for keeping them away from things they shouldn't get in. just a small shake and poof they're gone

Jan 8 2004
When we first got our female cat, a dilute tortie, we had a terrible time figuring naming her. Names such as Jennie or Katie just didn't seem to stick. One night, I poured a glass of sherry for my wife. As she was busy at that moment, she asked me to set the drink on a nearby table. A few minutes later, I called out to her, OhMyGod ! The cat has its head in your glass and is drinking the sherry ! We decided to name her Sherry, but even that name didn't stick. Several weeks later, a workman remodeling our house said that our cat was a real doll - she has been Dolly ever since.

Jan 8 2004
Pickles is our nearly 14-year old male cat. He loves to run thru the bath tub when I'm taking a shower. Sometimes, he will run thru 3 or 4 times, each time spending only a few seconds in the shower. I think the water on his fur helps him when grooming.

Jan 4 2004
For christmas I got a toy for my kitten Puck which she loves. One day she was jumping for it she went flying through the air and came to a sliding stop 6 ft later. Be careful littel kitty!

Jan 3 2004
Well I have a kitty named Baby. She is about 5 months old and shes so cute!! She likes to play with my thongs that are on the floor. She especially likes the stringy ones. She drags them around all over the house and growls at you if you try to take it from her. Also on Christmas, we always eat shrimp. She kept jumping up on the table and stealing shrimp from us and she would carry the big pieces of shrimp in her mouth. It was so cute !!

Dec 28 2003
we have two cats named chip and penny.chip is named chip because his ear looks like a doretio and penny is named penny because she is the color of a penny.chip likes to play with little plastic apples and penny likes to play with a play toy mouse and a plastic paper ball.chip sleepes at night in a cat bed and penny sleepes anywhere because chip is usually of their favorite foods are turkey and liver dinner in gravy from purina friskies.penny is outdoor and chip is indoor.chip is a scaredy cat and penny is not a scaredy cat she is brave.

Dec 28 2003
My cat Sabrina like to ruffle and lie on my books when I'm doing my homework. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 27 2003
A week before Halloween we went to get pumpkins and we saw the cutest kitten and it kept following us.

Dec 27 2003
My cat Tabitha can turn on the faucet in the bathroom just to play with the water.

Dec 27 2003
My cats Tabitha and Sabrina like to fight alot. It's funny --vChristmas day they were fighting and tabitha had a whole bunce of Sabrins's hair sticking out of her mouth.

Dec 13 2003
One day when we were putting up our Christmas tree, my mom lit a candle and put it on the window sill. Later I was folding laundry and my sister's cat, Lilac came in. She looked so cute so I picked her up. Then I saw her whiskers were all culred up and brownish on one side of her face! She got too close to the candle, I guess! Be careful with candles and kitties!

Dec 12 2003
Help!!!! My kitten is terrified of our Christmas Tree. We brought it home and he hid under the bed for 2 days... no food, water, or kitty litter. I finally pulled him out (covering his eyes so he would not see the tree) and brought him to the kitchen/laundry area. Here we are, one week later and he will not leave the kitchen area because he will see the tree (of course it is decorated now and probably looks scarier to him now). I have tried to encourage him to leave the kitchen... no go, pulled him out forcefully by carrying him, and he scratches me like i'm trying to kill him......... HELP!!!! Is he going to stay there till we take the tree down after New Year's Eve??? Why is he so scared? I've had cats for over 20 years and have never seen anything like this. Please email me any suggestions:

Dec 11 2003
Amy and Paul
I have two kitty-cats. One white one black. The white one is Pinky and the black one is Jewlie. PInky is a boy kitty and he is older then Jewlie. They are both babies. Pinky has to sleep in my arms just like a baby. And even if I don not want to hold him he hangs on for dear life. Jewlie is my suckie kitty. She literally thinks i am a momma kitty. She is constant sucking on my ear. It's gotten to the point that even when I am sitting at the comp she'll stand on the desk lean over and slap at my ear. They are both so cute. And I have tons of cute little stories but I gotta go!!! Meow to ya later!!!

Dec 11 2003
My friend's cat Bob hates me!!!! I would come over her house and he would sniff my coat and run away. I think its because my cat baby used to lay on it all the time and it left her scent on it. Every time I try to pet him he runs away. It's soooo sad. :'(

Dec 9 2003
One day I bought cat nip for my cat Baby. When I got home, I gave her some. A few minutes later, She was chasing her tail and jumping in circles. I think she got really dizzy because I called hwer over to me and she walked over to me all wobbly. It was so funny. No more cat nip for her for a while!

Dec 7 2003
my cat sox is a playful thing she rumbles and tumbles and picks on me i dont know what she thinks about me but i do know shes happy to see me! me and sox are a duio!

Dec 6 2003
I used to have a cross-bred calico-persian kitten named Puff. She finally came to stay in my bedroom. I used to hide under my bed and she would come slap at my feet and nose. One time put her body in a sock (she loved it) and left her head out, and she crawled around like a caterpillar---uh, I mean a kittenpillar!

Dec 6 2003
Gerb Chase My cat boykitty took my gerbil out of it's cage and then the gerbil jumped to the ground and got all chased around. The kitty had a blast, while the Gerbil got chased to the living room. I heard th commotion from the couch, so I hunched down in a slouch... A little black gerbil next to a big grey cat - look at that! What a funny sight, now that everything is all right. All is okay, and thats it for today!

Dec 5 2003
Our cat Ranger loves to sit on people's shoulders when they get out of the shower (I guess is the smell of the soap or something). You have to be careful to get your bathrobe on as soon as possible or he will leap off the counter on to your shoulders anyway. When my husband gets out Ranger likes to lick his hair untill he makes a flat spot on the top of my husband's head. Ranger and our other cat Elkie bring an unbelivable amount of joy to our lives, and we love them like children.

Dec 5 2003
The way i met my cat {smoochie} is i found her outside as a baby i thought she was so cute so i brought her to my house and then my mom said it was ok if she could stay the night only for one night my mom acually named her that night because she said that smoochie was smoochin up to her so she started calling her smoochie an the next day i met the owner of the cat but she said she doesn't want her and i started askin my mom to get her and after a billion times she finaly said yes so thats how i got my cat smoochie

Dec 4 2003
My cat likes to make running rampages around the house.

Nov 29 2003
My cats name is oscar, i thought that i would never want another cat after my sweet cat Queenie died. Then my cat oscar came around and he is so cool. (not as cool as my first cat but oh well) Cats rule

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