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Kitty Star of the Week for April 4 - 10, 2004

Our submitter writes,

"This is a picture of Clao, my Cat of Gold. He was my other half for almost 14 years and he taught me so much; I will always be a better person because of him. He taught me patience, affection, loyalty, cleverness, purity, devotion and so much more.

"He could always make me laugh. A funny memory I have is when he fell into the little garbage can that was by the bed. He was jumping around playing on the bed and the next thing I knew he flopped in and I had to make sure he was ok. Then he acted as if nothing had happened and he had meant to do that all along. He was always very dignified and respectable. We had such a special bond that words can never completely describe. I understood him, and he understood me. I feel like we were meant to be together and one day I hope to be with him again.

"We conversed with each other often. He would talk first, then I would reply, and he talked louder, and so on. He was the most vocal cat I have ever had. He talked often just for the joy of talking and not because he was hungry, bored, or caught something (those each had their own different cries which I learned to differentiate).

"Even though he was with me nearly 14 years, it wasn't until his final months that I realized he had a perfect heart-shaped marking right on the side of his nose. I had seen it a thousand times, but never realized the spot was in this special shape. That was so fitting for such a lover-boy. He was the most affectionate cat I've ever known. He would actually give me lots of little kisses- on the chin, mouth, or cheek- all the time, especially when he missed me such as when I returned home after being away for a while. Then it would be non-stop kissing for several minutes!

"I almost never scolded him because I loved him so much and he was just about perfect, but one time I was frustrated when he and his brother Ziggy (Ziggy was Star of the Week for February 22 - 28, 2004) got into a catfight. So after I separated them, he was sitting by the door and I shook my finger at him and told him to stop picking on Ziggy because I suspected he might have been the perpetrator (although I wasn't sure) and he swatted me as he gave his little vocal of disapproval, and then ran away! I thought that was the funniest thing ever, because he was such a good boy and never sassy like that. I shouldn't have laughed, but he was just so lovable and then I felt so bad I scolded him, because it seemed to really hurt his feelings.

"I miss him so much and hope that he is in a better place because he deserves the very best. He was the love of my life. After he passed away, I made Clao's Corner others would get to meet him and know what a special kitty he was. It was also very therapeutic in helping me to heal. A year later I wrote the following poem in his memory:

Cat of Gold

Cat of Gold,
with eyes so fair
So bright and bold,
with stunning stare
My Cat of Gold-
To you, none can compare!

Cat of Gold, 
you lived for me.
As you grew old,
I lived for thee.
My Cat of Gold,
Do you know what you are to me?

Cat of Gold,
You're all I need.
My heart you hold;
you planted the seed
Of a love untold!
Now alone, I must proceed.

From you I learn,
your memory I uphold.
For you I yearn
as I grow old
I wait to return
to my Cat of Gold.
-written for Clao
September, 2003
Copyright Clao's Corner"

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