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Kitty Star of the Week for October 16 - 22, 2005

Our star this week is Bing and her person writes,

"Bing is a remarkable cat. They say cats have nine lives and Bing is no exception. Bing was born in a barn where my mom used to work. Her mom's name was Glory and she always had HUGE litters of babies. So my mom's boss talked my mom into taking two of the babies and Bing happened to be one of them! Bing grew up in our mow and became comfortable at our farm and soon settled right in. She's one of those cats that wants to 'help' you do everything. Well, one day Bing tried to help my dad drop a round bale in the feeder for our cows, and she ended up getting run over. The whole back tire of the tractor went right over her, and she got out and ran. I found her after 2 hours of searching and took her to the house. She lay on the couch for days. We knew what we had to do, but couldn't bear the thought of losing her. One day I was petting her, and she got up and her tail just fell off. Now, my theory is that when the tractor went over her it got her tail, and she was in so much pain from that she lay there and didn't want to move. After her tail fell off, she was the same old Bing, although it was very weird.

"A couple of weeks later, Bing gave a surprise.....she had four babies in our bathroom! She proved to be an excellant mother to her three sons and one daughter. Soon after her babies were weaned, we got her spayed and now she enjoys her days as a fat, lazy house cat! She looks exotic because of the missing tail, but she's still the same Bing we had, well ... minus one life!"

[Editor: Although Bing was OK, if your cat is in an accident, please take him/her to the vets. Not all cats are so lucky.]

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