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Kitty Star of the Week for April 16 - 22, 2006

Our star of the week is Apple Jack.

orange and white cat

And his person-mom writes,

"We got Apple Jack when my niece, who was living with me and my husband, asked if she could have a kitty to love while she was away from her parents. She was living with us to go to a better high school. My husband and I love pets, especially kitty cats, so we said yes, even though we had two kitties of our own. Erin (my niece) and her mother saw an ad in the paper for free kittens, so they went to pick out one to bring home. They picked Apple Jack, because he was an orange and white kitty like one she had before.

orange and white cat

"She brought Apple Jack in, and we all fell in love with him immediately. He had a cute habit of sucking his tail and it looked so funny. Apple Jack would stay with me during the day and come in my room while I was watching T.V. at night until Erin came home to take her shower and go to bed. Apple Jack would sleep with Erin every night and suckle his tail. He looked so funny, and Erin said he would wake her up because he was so loud. As with all kids they grow up and Erin was no exception. She finished high school and moved home and then got married. She could not take Apple Jack with her, so we kept him -- and he had always been my baby anyway. He still suckled his tail even though he was 2 years old.

orange and white cat

"Apple Jack loves to sneak out the door any time he can. We live in the country, and we have a lot of neighborhood dogs and all kinds of other wildlife outside, so I really don't like my kitties to go out with out me being near. He sneaks out when someone goes out the door, and then we will hear him making a horrible noise to get back in. Apple Jack has gone out several times to bring us back presents. He has brought us mice, tree frogs and the latest present was a snake. He brought me a baby garter snake; he put it on my carpet and wanted praise. I am afraid of snakes so it was pretty hard for me, but I petted him and then made my husband take the snake out immediately.

"One day a couple of years ago, Apple Jack must have slipped out and we did not know for awhile until we could not find him to feed him. My husband and I went looking for him, but could not find him, then we heard this crying and he came in the house, but his tail was just hanging on the ground. We still do not know how he hurt himself. We immediately took him to the vet that is on the next street over from us. The veterinarian told us she thought his back and tail were broken and it might have affected his lower half of his body. She cleaned him up a bit and took him in to x-ray him. While the vet was out of the room it was the longest time in our lives. We were so afraid we were going to have to put him asleep, because of his injury. When the vet came back she took us to another room and put Apple Jack's x-ray up on the screen. She said he had a broken back, but it was at the very end of the back where his tail begins. She said we could give him medication to bring down the inflammation and something for his pain, and then if he did all right and had no paralysis, she could operate and remove his tail and he would live pretty much a normal life. It was quite costly for the surgery, but we would do whatever we could to get our baby fixed up. Poor baby -- he had his tail removed and no longer had it to suckle!

no tailed cat

cat with shaved legs

cat with no tail

"This wasn't his only emergency visit to the vet. About a year later he had an urinary track blockage and had to have another expensive surgery to clear the blockage. He has been our expensive baby.

"Apple Jack has some quirky habits. When he uses his litter pan he will scratch the wall thinking he is burying his litter. It is so funny to watch him. I have never understood why he scratches the wall and not the kitty litter. He has another strange habit of eating his food and then scratching the wall as if to bury his food, but then he will eat a little more food and then scratch the wall and around his food again until he finishes all he wants.

orange and white cat

"Apple Jack is well loved and part of our family -- we wouldn't know what to do without him and his sisters, Coconut and Sally."

black and white cat

black and white cat

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