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Kitty Star of the Week for Aug. 27 - Sep. 2, 2006

This week our Kitty star is Tiger, whose person is Rainah. Rainah's mom wrote the following:

" Her " cat's name is Tiger - sometimes called Tigger - Tig - Tigeret or TigerRudy. He will come when called. Tiger sits at each door to greet everyone first thing in the morning. When Rainah goes to the bathroom to get ready for school he goes with her, and same to her bedroom. He is a true cat - one minute all he wants is loving -- the next, Please leave me alone.


Rainah has had Tiger for almost 9 years. (He was our Halloween present - they celebrate their birthdays together.) Tiger wandered into the archery range north of Phoenix. A couple out there said they couldn't keep him and would Rainah like to have him. Rainah and Dad drove back into Phoenix just to ask me if it was OK. Within a very short time the three of them came home. We had a small cat bed - Tiger loved it and made himself right at home.

Tiger was soooooooo thin and had about 6 bald spots on him, which he still has. We took him to the vet, and he said Tiger was about 1 1/2 years old. So that makes him about 10 1/2 years now. How time flies. The vet said Tiger got caught up in some barbwire, and a couple of spots were bites from a rattle snake. You see -- where the archery range is, it's desert. Pretty amazing he lived!

cat lounging
This is too small!

Of course he went thought about 4 different sizes of beds. And lounge chairs. He is a little spoiled. Long ago in the summer I started putting ice cubes in his water. Well, now he wants ice all the time, and of course he gets it. Tiger will sit by his bowl staring at it until someone puts ice in it. Can't blame him as it is hot out here.

cat sleeping
Much better!

Tiger is fed Meow Mix - won't eat anything else. He loves licking the tuna can clean. Yes, at Easter he gets a small piece of ham; Thanksgiving and Christmas he gets a piece of turkey. For the tuna can, you hold it up over his head and he will sit and say meow - then he gets it.

As for toys, he is just a lazy boy - he has had his fair share of balls, play mice, and things with rattles in them, but give him a paper bag or a box and he will get in it and go to sleep. Like I said just lazy.

Still, Tiger can be very playful. He likes to box with me. Tiger will wait for Dad to get out of his office chair, and up he goes -- and of course he goes to sleep. Tiger really doesn't like being disturbed either. He'll make funny sounds.

cat sleeping
Please leave me alone now

Tiger is a house cat, but when camping or even in the back yard he is allowed to go out. Tiger has a baby lounge where he loves to cat nap. No he never goes away. He loves camping but it is not in a tent. Yes, he still demands his ice water. When we're camping and we need to leave, Tiger will watch us all drive off and then find a place to curl up in. He goes to the back and will pick one of the kid's beds. Sometimes I think he likes the boy's bed for the thick quilt on it. But when we get home he is sitting at the door to greet us. You can tell where he has been for the warmth. He thinks he is sly.

cat in trailer
Relaxing in the trailer

As for activities, Tiger loves to sleep during the day but he never misses a meal. At night he charges through the house unless caught and then he sleeps. Lazy boy! We do take him just about every 6 weeks to get a hair cut. Why you ask? He is cooler and doesn't mind it. And there is less fur in the house or trailer.

I just had my hair cut

Well, I guess I got carried away thinking about Tiger. But he has always been a good old boy. It must have been meant for us to have him and for him to have a good home. Where ever he came from, someone lost a great pet.

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