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Kitty Star of the Week for May 25 - 31, 2008

This week we have a sad, cautionary, true story, as told by Darla Joy's person-mom.

26 Days of Purr-fect Bliss

"Darla Joy Gram was our little darling. We adopted her April 1, 2008 from a humane society. She was only a year and half old. Darla was part Japanese Bobtail and part Abyssian. She was born around March in 2006 and died April 27, 2008.

Darla Joy
Resting after "Zooming" after her ping pong ball

Darla Joy was a brave little soul. Despite being forced to undergo spaying surgery and surgery for a herniated umbilical cord, as well as the 5 required shots before she was strong enough to do so, Darla Joy still taught us strength, love, dignity and respect. Only Darla Joy thanked me as I cleaned up her litterbox by putting her little tail against my legs.

It was Darla Joy who chose to protect us by sleeping under my dresser or dining room chair. Only twice did she give me a night time delight, when I felt her furry body sleeping next to my shoulder or draped across my legs.

Darla Joy was malnourished and in no condition for surgery. She was also in heat at the time. Rather than putting her health first, both the negligent humane society and the incompetent vet who spayed her paid zero attention to her health. Darla Joy was treated more like a decoration than God's helpless creature.

Darla Joy had so much love, and life to give. During play time, she chased her get well ping pong ball all over the house so fast that I nicknamed her "Zoom"! She loved to play with her get well furry mice and threw them into the air! Darla Joy and I had a lot of fun playing together. I will treasure those special times we shared, Darla Joy!

cat sniffing flowers
Enjoying her anniversary gift to her mom: musical dancing flowers

Darla Joy ate so much the first week I thought I would need a loan to feed her! She had been thrown into so many cages and carriers that opening the cabinet to get her cat food frightened her. I could only feed her in the dining room until she knew she was safe with us.

On our anniversary, April 17, Darla Joy was too wiggly for many photos. Every time a human held her, she was either stuffed into something, operated on or given shots. She was too nervous to hold still. I had to put her down before she fell.

cat resting
Resting after fighting with the nasty vet (notice her shaved tummy)

The day before Darla Joy died, I did not feel well. Darla Joy woke me up to cuddle and then laid down by my feet. We cuddled for at least 3 minutes. That was the longest she ever let me hold her.

Darla Joy, out of the 7 times that's Mom's premature life has been saved, nothing frightened me more than seeing you vomit manure! The incompetant vet had perforated her bowel. Her bowel ruptured during the might. All I could do was scream, "Wake up! Wake up! She's dying!" to my husband. Darla Joy went into convulsions and died 7 mintues later at 4 a.m. I cried, "We love you! " as the life left her tortured body.

Darla Joy, Mom told the vets 5 times about the unusual odor in the litterbox. Obviously, the vet who removed the stitches thinks her pretty head is the diagnostic tool as she refused to thoroughly examine you. Although nothing will ever restore your life to you, Mom reported such incompetence to the State licensing board.

Darla Joy our 26 days of Purr-fect Bliss ended way too soon! You will always be our shining example of strength, dignity, respect and grace under fire. Mom has bought the letters D-A-R-L-A to wear on a special necklace. White roses, your baby birth announcement pillow, and your favorite toys and few photos adorn a shelf. We love you, Darla Joy, Mom and Dad."

cat in basket
Snuggling in her pet bed -- she will be sorely missed

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