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Kitty Star of the Week for April 15 - 21, 2001.

Baby Twinkle won her human over at the shelter 5 years ago. Giving head bumps through her cage -- what a sweet kitty!!

She turned out to be very smart, very curious, very playful and OH what a terror! Her human discovered she had lived on the mean streets for all of her 7 months -- and heaven knows what she saw or experienced! She had never walked on a rug before -- at first her human thought she was brain damaged because of the weird way she walked - then she got used to it.

Now that she is almost 6 years old, has she settled down? Not at all!! She kicks her heels left and right when she runs (at full speed) -- for a 30 inch long, 17 pound cat, this is a sight! She plays hide and seek with her human, leaps over her "sister" cat, Princess ( a "smaller" 13 pound cat) and loves to go for Xerox box rides through the apartment. She loves it when her human holds her like a baby and kisses her belly (but heaven protect anyone else who tries to do that to her!), and in turn, she licks her humans' short hair and purrs in bliss.

Princess thinks she's crazy, but she will come over and lick Baby's forehead once in a while. They usually end up locked in combat afterwards.

Since Baby is part-feral, her person had trouble trying to clip her claws until she learned to bribe her with Cat treats -- now Baby Twinkle lies calmly and purrs while her claws get clipped.

The streets have never totally left her memory, and she loves to play in the snow and with icicles, steal Princess' food (so they get fed in separate rooms), and if she can't get out on the (catproofed) balcony, she will either howl or bark (yes she barks!).

She has a lot of fur, so she gets a "hairdo" (brushed) every day with an after-hairdo treat of Hairball gel -- she knows the meaning of many words (espeically "ChowTime").

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