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Kitty Star of the Week for July 1 - 7, 2001.

In memory of Binky, his mom writes:

"Binky came to our family one night during a thunderstorm. He was crouched high up in a tree with rain pelting him and lightning flashing all around him. He was a very brave kitty. My daughter climbed the tree and reached him, then passed him down to me. Through all the excitement of the storm and being 'rescued' by strangers, he never tried to bite or scratch. We had 3 other cats in our family and weren't really ready for another. We planned to adopt him out at the Humane Society, but he stole our hearts and joined our family instead. He was approximately 2 to 3 years old when we 'found' him, and we were lucky enough to have him with us for almost 10 more years, until he died unexpectedly of an undiagnosed heart condition. One day I found him in congestive heart failure and had a harrowing 15 mile drive to the vets. I had to leave him there for treatment and it was the last time I ever saw him alive.

Photo Copyright 2001, A. Mason

"Binky started out as K.B. (for Kitty Boy) because we couldn't think of a name for such a unique feline. K.B. evolved into Kitty Binky, with many aliases including Blob-O, Fat Boy, and Binkers. He was the most striking cat I've ever met, pure snowy white with brilliant blue eyes. He was a tall cat and at his peak, he weighed in at 17 pounds, although he lost weight before his death.

"Things I'll always remember about Binky....his incredible, beautiful ice blue eyes and the way he could look so 'human', like he was thinking profound thoughts in that majestic cat head of his. He rarely used his voice or 'spoke', but he always looked like he was deep in thought. I loved his soft pink nose, and the way it would stick out and wrinkle up when he was scratched under his chin. And the fuzzy interior of his ears, like the soft pink color found inside a seashell. Or the way he'd demand attention - by stretching out his leg and 'reaching up' to touch my face with his paw - then dragging it across my chin or cheek, as if to say 'HERE I AM!! - PET ME!!' I'll remember the 'tickle spot' he had on top of his back and the middle of his tail. If we scratched there, he'd stick his tongue out and start to 'lick the air'. And the way he would 'huff and puff' if he was picked up and carried over the shoulder. He must have thought it was 'undignified' and would give little huffs, or sometimes even a warning growl, as if to say 'PUT ME DOWN!'.

"I'll remember the way he loved to 'hide', by ducking behind a chair, crawling under the TV or scrunching down and squeezing himself under the footstool. Sometimes he'd be completely hidden except for his tail, which would still be sticking out. Paper bags and laundry baskets also provided great adventures and he'd jump in and sit there until someone 'found' him and took him out.

"I'll remember the way he loved catnip and would plop over on his side, bury his nose in it and roll from side to side. And the way he loved to play with water. A dripping faucet would fascinate him, and if the faucet was turned on, he'd sit and play with the little stream of water, batting it with his paw, or trying to 'bite' the water and getting his face all wet.

"I'll remember the way he loved the outdoors and would sit on the window sill, sniffing the summer breeze through the screen. He'd watch like a hawk for open doors, always looking to make his big escape if a door stayed open long enough. If he did get outside, he'd make a 'mad dash', as if trying to run away. If he was pursued, he immediately stopped and fell over on his side. And he absolutely loved to eat grass, the longer and 'frondier' the better. He'd find the tallest strands and start munching like mad, trying to eat as much as possible before we stopped him.

"And I'll remember the way he would come into my office and fall asleep on the stack of computer paper near my desk. If I was at my computer, he was usually asleep close by. And when I worked on my computer late at night, he'd stand up against my leg, and then stretch out his paw as though asking to be picked up. So I would....and he'd sit in front of my keyboard so that I'd have to put my arms around him in order to type.

"I'll remember the way he loved to climb up in my lap, and put his soft pink paw on my face and stare into my eyes. He was the only cat I've ever known who did that - he looked so human - maybe a part of him really was.

"Binky, you were my friend, and I'll never ever forget you. Thanks for the wonderful memories and companionship you gave to our family.

"Love,Your 'Mom'"

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