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How to Care for Your Cat to Ensure It's Happy and Healthy

Do you know how to care for your cat in the best possible way? Find out some of our tips for achieving this here in this article.

If you want your cat to live a long and fulfilled life, then it's important to ensure its physical and mental wellbeing. Happy cats are healthy cats after all. However, if you're a first-time cat owner, you're probably wondering how exactly to look after your new furry friend. Well, look no further. We're here to cover all the basics of caring for your cat, so read on and find out


Domesticated cats have developed different ways to communicate their needs to humans. It's important to pick up on these cues and understand what they mean. For example, cats will usually meow to indicate when they want food, affection or to go outside. Their tails will flick at the very tip when they're feeling sociable or excited but wildly swish from side to side if they're feeling agitated. They will also isolate themselves when they're poorly, so this is a good sign you need to take them to the vets.

Image Source: Pixabay


Cats are beautiful animals who take great pride in their appearance, so they can be left to their own devices when it comes to cleaning. However, humans do need to intervene regarding shedding and hairballs. Owners should brush cats down regularly to stop their coat from clumping and prevent fur balls from developing in their stomach. You also need to learn how to properly clean cats' ears. Your feline friend can't reach this area with its paws and if it's left untreated, infections may arise.


You need to research the best food brands for your cat if you want to ensure its good health. Similarly as you would with children, you should provide your feline with a diet that has plenty of vitamins, minerals, protein and fat so they can grow properly and build a strong immune system. It's also a good rule of thumb to provide them with a mixture of wet and dry food. Dry food is filled with calories to fuel them with energy, while wet food has the moisture your cat needs to stay hydrated. Wet food also helps with a cat's natural defence against urinary tract issues. Just make sure you're not over feeding your cat because this is almost as negligent as forgetting to feed it altogether.


Perhaps the biggest frustration of having a cat is that they will claw your furniture. However, you can't necessarily scold your pet for doing so, as this is only within their nature. They need to remove the outer layer of their claw, so a sharper and stronger one can grow out from underneath. Therefore, it's essential to buy them a scratch post of some sorts if only to protect your furniture.


Cats are somewhat aloof, so it's important to recognise when they want to be left alone. Paradoxically, they can be very affectionate and needy. In these circumstances, stroke them in areas where they like to be touched (such as behind the ears), and speak to them in warm tones. You can't talk to one another, but you can communicate your love in other ways.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your cat is happy and healthy. Nothing will help form a stronger bond with your cat than caring for its emotional and physical needs.